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thumbnailSound Idea: Acoustic Technology Lets Small Planes "Listen" for Nearby Aircraft
By Jim Nash ACOUSTIC VECTOR SENSING: AVS uses nanoscale materials to alert pilots to other aircraft within about 10 kilometers. ...
today Scientific American - technology
thumbnailFuture displays send pixels swarming all over your house
Shrink these relatively large blocks down to the nanoscale, and think of what a smart swarm of self-organizing grey goo could do. It could create any shape ...
today DVICE - technology
MEMS Solid State Precision Accelerometers
Available in ranges from ±0.5 to ±5.0g, with DC response capabilities, the Sherborne Sensors A700 series features an advanced MEMS sensor, incorporating air ...
today MeasurementDevices - technology
Nano-foundry technique yields ultra-durable probes from diamond
by Renee Meiller When a team of university and industry researchers tried a novel, foundry-style mold-filling technique to make nanoscale devices, ...
yesterday University of Wisconsin-Madison - technology
I-Micronews - MEMS : Mitsumi Prototypes MEMS Mirror With 10mW ...
According to Nikkei Electronics, Mitsumi Electric Co Ltd prototyped a MEMS mirror for laser projectors. The mirror is driven by using piezoelectric devices (PZTs), and a laser light is scanned to project an image. ...
today - technology
Electronic Ink Vendors Say Color E-Readers Due in 2010
In particular, E Ink and Qualcomm MEMS Technology both told me they expect we'll have color e-readers with low-power displays within the next year. ...
yesterday PC Magazine - business
Associations to Hold MEMS Meetings in May
SAN JOSE – MEMS Industry Group and MEPTEC will hold meetings in May in San Jose to discuss advancements and trends in microelectromechanical systems ...
today Circuits Assembly - business
TDK launches World's smallest MEMS microphones with a digital ...
The EPCOS T4030 from TDK is the smallest commercially available MEMS microphone worldwide with an integrated digital interface. The T4030 has a sensitivity of -26 dB FS (full scale), and a signal-to-noise ratio of 60 dBA.
today - business

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