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A Comparison of the Size Consistency of Droplets Formed by the Mitos P-Pump ...
... which cause unwanted pulsation. As a result, the Mitos P-Pump technology offers optimum flow smoothness for microfluidic applications.
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thumbnailApplied rolls fast, 'intelligent' etcher
This is especially true as leading-edge chip makers migrate to double-patterning as well as 3-D devices based on through silicon via (TSV) technology. ...
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MEMS Sensing in Airbag Systems
MEMS Sensing in Airbag Systems. November 26, 2010 by Randy Frank Filed under Frank Talk · Leave a comment. Tags: Comments. Feel free to leave a comment... and oh, if you want a pic to show with your comment, go get a gravatar! ...
Randy Frank 2010-11-26 - MEMS technology
3D IC, WLP & TSV : SET makes strides to enable 3D Integration with high ...
3D integration with high-density TSV's requires submicron [or “highly accurate”] bonding, consistent with the accuracy historically required by the IR FPA ...
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thumbnailHigh Frequency MEMS-Based Differential Oscillator
SiTime Corp.'s SiT9107 is a high frequency, programmable, differential oscillator for networking, storage and industrial applications. ...
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Automotive MEMS sensor market to reach record high in 2010
101125 iSuppli logo Driven by the rapid recovery in automotive production and inventory rebuilding among sensor component suppliers, the market for automotive MEMS sensors will expand to record size in 2010, according to market research ...
Mike Pinelis 2010-11-25 - MEMS business
STMicroelectronics ships one billionth MEMS device(2)
STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), the leading supplier of MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) devices for consumer and portable applications, ...
2010-11-25 - MEMS business
Memsstar reorganised its operations into two business units
The memsstar division is serving the rapidly expanding global MEMS market to build reliable foundations for the next generation of MEMS devices. ...
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Splitfish FragFX Shark – Consumer MEMS controller : Media ...
The joystick uses the Bosch automotive targeted 6 axis MEMS component with the integrated high resolution data converters. As this device was designed for the high power operation of the automotive environment, the firmware on the ...
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thumbnailSTMicro MEMS Detects under 1m Altitude Variation
Manufacturing the device in this way is said to eliminate wafer-to-wafer bonding and maximizes reliability. The size of this MEMS is 3x5x1 mm. ...
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Oscillators go MEMS for low phase noise
"Due to its MEMS technology design, phase jitter is typically 0.7ps at 200MHz," said the firm. Introduced in the plastic packaged IQMS-900 series, ...
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SiTime Launches New Website for Engineers and Purchasing Professionals
They can use this information to configure products optimally for their application and accelerate their deployment of MEMS-based silicon timing solutions. ...
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MEMSIC's New Gas Mass Flow Meters Serve Industrial Needs
Massachusetts-based MEMSIC, global developer of MEMS sensors and systems, declared the launch of its initial series of efficient MEMS Gas Mass Flow Meters ...
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Nanoscale Light Sensor Sees Color
Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have created a light sensor that is just four nanometers wide and can detect light on a nearly atomic scale. ...
2010-11-26 WDUQNews (blog) - Nanotechnology
Scientists put a new spin on nanotechnology
Allowing them to examine the precise configuration of this important nanomaterial. Scientists from the University of Leeds, the US Department of Energy's ...
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