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Carrier wafers for TSV
For the processing of thin Si or GaAs wafers rigid carriers are needed – for example in TSV processes on thin Si wafers. Since the accuracy of the resulting ...
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Discera Ships World's Highest Performance MEMS Oscillators with ...
China: Discera, Inc., a leading provider of silicon timing technology announced the volume availability of the world's highest performance MEMS oscillators.
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High school teacher creates microfluidic devices using a photocopier
By Ben Coxworth Microfluidic technology, in which liquid is made to pass through “microchannels” that are often less than a millimeter in width, ...
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MEMS business

Rambus gets ready to fill its pockets with MEMS patents - Because ...
Patent outfit Rambus does not seem to think it has enough patents to scare the bejesus out of the IT industry.After nearly everyone in the industry has had to pay something to the outfit to make its team of m'learned friends go away, ...
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Equipment COO calculation for PV, LED, FPD, MEMS: Participate in SEMI standard ...
... to Calculate Cost Of Ownership [COO] Metrics for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment) to include related industries such as PV, LED, FPD, and MEMS. ...
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Qualcomm eyes the e-reader market
The underlying technology is known as interferometric modulation and uses micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) technology. The displays work by reflecting ...
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E M Optomechanical Announces New Low-Cost 3D MEMS Profiler for ...
E M Optomechanical Announces New Low-Cost 3D MEMS Profiler for Under $20K.
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Researchers use nanoscale transistors to study single-molecule ...
Nano PacMan, self-illuminating flowers and other winning nanotechnology images.
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Featured Event

Packaging for MEMS
The course will address techniques for packaging (wafer level and die), packaging equipment, and device testing. Specific examples of MEMS packages will be used to illustrate the equipment and processes to be considered for MEMS devices. Various packaging schemes will be presented and their strengths and shortcomings will be discussed. Supplier and vendor activities in support of MEMS and future packaging trends will be discussed and information on the status of MEMS packaging and how it is evolving will be presented. Click here to register.

Event Calendar

SPIE Photonics West
2011-01-22 - 2011-01-27
San Francisco, CA USA
Hear the latest research on the fabrication and processing of MOEMS and MEMS for industrial applications

2011-01-23 - 2011-01-27
Cancun, Mexico
The 24th International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems

Packaging for MEMS
2011-03-31 - 2011-04-01
Boston MA
Understanding MEMS Packaging is Critical to a Viable Product

Transducers' 11
2011-06-05 - 2011-06-09
Beijing, China
The 16th International Conference on Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems

Microtech Conference & Expo 2011
2011-06-13 - 2011-06-16
Boston MA
Uniting innovators to bring microtechnology from laboratory to marketplace

MEMS Executive Congress 2011
2011-11-02 - 2011-11-03
Monterey, CA
Connecting the MEMS supply chain with MEMS end-users

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