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MEMS technology

thumbnailEV Group Unveils GEMINI FB XT Fusion Wafer Bonding Platform
Wafer-to-wafer bonding is an essential process step to enable 3D devices such as stacked DRAM, memory-on-logic and future CMOS image sensors. At the same time, minimizing the dimensions of TSVs, which serve as the electrical contacts between the bonded wafers, is a key requirement for bringing down the cost of 3D devices and supporting higher levels of device performance and bandwidth, as well as lower power ...
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Mini fiber-optic monitor embedded in composite
This, together with the use of silicon-based microfabrication processes on a well-established industrial infrastructure, can substantiallyreduce the cost of embedded strain sensors. Following is a video showing the SmartFiber silicon photonics FBG ...
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Designing ultra-sensitive biosensors for early personalised diagnostics
She adds that these biosensors will need to be integrated with optical components, with electronics for reading out the measurements, software to process all data, and rely on the use of microfluidics to prepare and process the sample. Explore further: ...
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thumbnailDesigning MEMS-based DLP pico projectors
TI DLP Over the last few years, millions of products incorporating pico projection have shipped, and developers are constantly innovating new applications for this rapidly growing display category. Pushing beyond front projection, applications for pico ...
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MEMS business

thumbnail3D-Micromac AG establishes company in US
Santa Clara, CA - Laser micromachining workstations supplier 3D-Micromac AG (Chemnitz, Germany) has established 3D-Micromac America, LLC, in Santa Clara to better serve the North American market. Brian Hoekstra, a laser industry veteran, will lead ...
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thumbnailTop 10 Suppliers of Car MEMS Sensors
Automobile manufacturing supplier Bosch, based in Stuttgart, Germany, has a growing lead over competitors in the microelectromechanical system (MEMS) sensors market. That part of its business generated $740 million in 2013, about 30 percent of the ...
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thumbnailNanoscale Monet is world's tiniest masterpiece
Joel Yang at the Singapore University of Technology and Design swapped oil paints for a slightly smaller palette of nanoscale silicon pillars topped with aluminium. When light strikes the pillars it creates ripples of electrons that in turn release ...
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Nanotech business

'Bringing the Nanoworld Together' event to share nanotechnology expertise
‘Bringing the Nanoworld Together’ is an event organised by Oxford Instruments to share the expertise of scientists in the field of Nanotechnology. It will be hosted at the IOS-CAS Beijing.
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Featured Event

AVS 61st International Symposium and Exhibition
The AVS 61st International Symposium and Exhibition addresses cutting edge issues associated with materials, processing and interfaces in both the research and manufacturing communities. The weeklong Symposium fosters a multidisciplinary environment that cuts across traditional boundaries between disciplines, featuring papers from AVS Technical Division, Groups, Focus Topics on emerging technologies and more. An extensive Exhibition of related equipment, tools, materials, supplies, chemicals, services, consulting, technical literature, and new technologies are showcased during the week.

Event Calendar

MicroTAS 2014
2014-10-26 - 2014-10-30
San Antonio, TX
AVS 61st International Symposium and Exhibition
2014-11-09 - 2014-11-14
Baltimore, MD
Science and Technology of Materials, Interfaces, and Processing
Smartphone Sensors and Electronics 2014
Santa Clara, California
Inaugural Conference and Exhibition
Wearable Sensors and Electronics 2014
Santa Clara, California
Inaugural Conference and Exhibition
2014-12-18 - 2014-12-20
Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, INDIA
International Conference on MEMS and Sensors
The 28th International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems
2015-01-18 - 2015-01-22
Estoril, Portugal
Transducers 2015
2015-06-21 - 2015-06-25
Anchorage, Alaska

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