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MEMS technology

Thin-Film Coating Boosts Lithium-Ion Battery Performance
Liang said that because the research uses already present anodes and cathodes, the technique can be used with a variety of lithium-ion battery designs by being added to the existing manufacturing process ... of doped iron and film thickness of iron ...
Design News: 2016-05-18 - MEMS technology
EyeSight demos VR gesture control using standard phone hardware
The offering does so without the need for any additional hardware, utilizing the phone’s CMOS sensors. The Israeli startup has ... while we are further working to deliver immersive touch-free control with 3D sensors that are both embedded or computer ...
TechCrunch: 2016-05-17 - MEMS technology
New "Liquid Wire" Channels the Power of Spider Silk
"These new insights could lead to a wide range of applications, such as microfabrication of complex structures, reversible micro-motors, or self-tensioned stretchable systems."
Popular Mechanics: 2016-05-15 - MEMS technology
Harvard tech allows for mid-air 3D printing of metal structures
Suppose that you had to build a tiny spring, antenna or other structure for use in a microelectronic device such as a biomedical implant… how might you go about doing it? Well, a new 3D printing technique developed at Harvard University would certainly ...
Gizmag: 2016-05-18 - MEMS technology
Photonic interconnects: computing goes on a light diet
Photonic interconnect is the way forward for faster computers ... IBM has demonstrated simultaneous assembly of 12 fibres per chip with 3D self-alignment to single-mode photonics accuracy. It involves adding a lid to the bare fibre array to allow vacuum ...
The Institution of Engineering and Technology: 2016-05-15 - MEMS technology
At glace, advancements in MEMS and wearables
This article encompasses type of MEMS and the new advancement. Further the article also takes wearable as case study to explain their architecture and application Micro Electro Mechanical System [MEMS] are radically different from other silicon ICs as ...
EXPRESS COMPUTER: 2016-05-17 - MEMS technology
MEMS photonic integration opens door to 25Gbit/s
IRT Nanoelec in Grenoble has integrated a III-V/silicon laser and silicon Mach Zehnder modulator to transmit at 25Gbit/s down a single 10km optical fibre, claiming this to be a first. “This transmission rate usually is achieved using an external source ...
Electronics Weekly: 2016-05-18 - MEMS technology
Helping Lab-On-A-Chip Devices To ‘Swallow’ With Electro-Osmosis
The researchers are also working to develop nanoscale energy harvesting, microfluidics-based portable kits for rapid medical diagnostics, and microfluidic tools to deepen our understanding of the physiological dynamics of living systems. The article can be ...
Asianscientist: 2016-05-18 - MEMS technology
Capacitive vs. Thermal MEMS for High-Vibration Applications
In most cases, equipment designers have a choice between capacitive-based or thermal MEMS (microelectromechanical) accelerometers. To select the right accelerometer for the application, they need to consider several design variables, including sensor ...
EDN Network: 2016-05-18 - MEMS technology

MEMS business

MEMSIC Announces 1 Billion MEMS Sensors Shipped
MEMSIC, Inc., today announced the shipment of its 1 Billionth MEMS sensor. MEMSIC’s products, ranging from accelerometers to sophisticated inertial guidance systems, are used in a wide variety of applications including automotive safety systems, avionics ...
Azo Sensors: 2016-05-16 - MEMS business


Using carbon nanotubes for drug delivery
a meeting ground where leaders in the field have long discussed advances in nanomaterial technology and science. Dahl and Islam are proud that their collaboration has allowed innovation in the area of bionanomedicine and drug delivery, embodying the ...
Phys: 2016-05-17 - Nanotechnology
Nanotechnology Increases Solar Panel Efficiency
Solar power, which is power drawn from the sun, is a familiar concept for most Americans. You set out some thick, flat arrays the color of blueberries in your lawn or on your roof, and they use the photovoltaic effect to generate a current. For many people ... 2016-05-16 - Nanotechnology

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