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MEMS technology

New Microfluidic Device Could Facilitate Rapid Drug Tests
Professor and chair of the Department of Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School, Marc Kirschner, who was not a part of the study, stated that the new microfluidics device will create new paths for exploring the “physiology and pharmacology of cell growth.
AZoNano: 2016-09-07 - MEMS technology
3-D Thin Film Interposer Based on TGV (Through Glass Vias): An Alternative to Si-Interposer
For example glasses which have to be combined with a silicon wafer (wafer bonding or FC) require a CTE of around 3.2 ppm K -1 to avoid a CTE mismatch. Glass wafers are fully compatible to WLP-Lines. There is no difference between processing Si-Wafers ... 2016-09-05 - MEMS technology
Rudolph Technologies Unveils New Inspection Suite for Front- and Back-end Semiconductor Manufacturing
The new Firefly inspection and metrology system has been designed to detect defects smaller than one micron in multiple applications, including: fan-out wafer level packaging (FOWLP), CMOS image sensors, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and radio ...
Benzinga: 2016-09-06 - MEMS technology
Scientists discover a way to control the electrical current in a new ultra-thin layered material
Ultra-thin, alternating layers of neodymium titanium oxide ... into how changes in composition brought about by both environmental factors and film growth processing conditions were effecting the electronic environment surrounding the titanium atoms.
Phys: 2016-09-05 - MEMS technology

MEMS business

UMC, APM team up for MEMS foundry services
Taiwan-based United Microelectronics (UMC) has announced it is teaming up with dedicated MEMS foundry Asia Pacific Microsystems (APM) to provide enhanced MEMS manufacturing services for mutual customers. UMC will leverage its 8- and 12-inch production ...
Digi Times: 2016-09-06 - MEMS business
SEMICON Taiwan 2016: Advanced packaging remains in the spotlight
senior director of integrated interconnect and packaging technology at TSMC, as saying. SEMI believes that semiconductor fab equipment spending will gain momentum through the end of 2016. For 2017, 13% growth is forecast. Activity in the 3D NAND ...
Digi Times: 2016-09-07 - MEMS business
SEMI European MEMS Summit Brings Industry Leaders to Stuttgart
GRENOBLE, France – 6 September 2016 - Leading sensors and actuators companies will present the latest trends at the upcoming SEMI European MEMS Summit in Stuttgart on 15-16 September 2016. Following 2015’s highly successful debut in Milano, the ...
Press Release Point: 2016-09-06 - MEMS business


Kiel Research Team Can Bond Metals with Nearly All Surfaces
The targeted etching process of “nanoscale-sculpturing” roughens the upper layer of metal (here aluminium, 20 µm = 0.02 mm), thereby creating a 3D-structure with tiny hooks. A surface treated with this process can inter-lock like a three-dimensional ... 2016-09-07 - Nanotechnology
Macro to nanoscale imaging using planar lenses at visible wavelengths
A novel fabrication process from the Capasso lab develops highly efficient planar metalenses that allow for diffraction-limited focusing, unprecedented imaging quality, and the ability to resolve chirality. 6 September 2016, SPIE Newsroom. DOI: 10.1117/2 ...
SPIE: 2016-09-06 - Nanotechnology
Scientists develop revolutionary heart attack sensor
Dr Lewis, from Manchester's School of Materials, has worked with his colleagues and a team at India's Institute of Nano Science and Technology (INST) since 2014 to develop a nanoscale sensor made from 'few-layer black phosphorus', a new 2D material ...
Medical Xpress: 2016-09-07 - Nanotechnology
Novel nanoscale detection of real-time DNA amplification holds promise for diagnostics
A photo and a schematic illustration for a nanofluidic diffraction grating. Label-free signals based on a diffraction intensity change were attributed to amplification of DNA molecules, such as human papillomavirus and tubercle bacilli. Credit: Takao Yasui ...
Phys: 2016-09-07 - Nanotechnology

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