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MEMS technology

thumbnailSwiss sensor analyses biomarkers in sweat to provide clues about health
The miniature chip was developed by researchers at EPFL’s Nanoelectronic Devices Laboratory (Nanolab), headed by Prof Adrian Ionescu, working in association with Xsensio, a start-up specialising in so-called lab-on-skin technology for next-generation ...
The Engineer: 2017-12-06 - MEMS technology
thumbnail3D printed microfluidics helps OIST research on vortices in moving liquids, potentially saving millions for oil industry
We’ve reported before on microfluidics technology, and how it can be used in combination with 3D printing for all kinds of useful and often life-saving applications. The latest breakthrough was carried out by researchers at the Okinawa Institute of ... 2017-11-29 - MEMS technology
Chip-Based Optical Sensors Developed with Incredible Sensitivity
This can be coupled to a light source to make a sensor." That type of sensor consists of solid spheres and is not compatible with microfabrication methods. However, the Penn State researchers developed an innovative way to grow on-chip glass microspherical ...
Photonics: 2017-11-28 - MEMS technology


thumbnailTo Build the World’s Smallest Atomic Clock, Trap a Nitrogen Atom in a Carbon Cage
Commercial atomic clocks are usually the size of suitcases. In 2004, in a tour de force of microfabrication, scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology managed to shrink this entire setup into a stack of components a few millimeters high.
IEEE Spectrum: 2017-11-26 - Nanotechnology
Lenses Are Being Reinvented, and Cameras Will Never Be the Same
It would allow lenses to be fabricated in the same plants as other microelectronic components, even at the same time. She and co show how this process is now possible. The key idea is that tiny features, smaller than the wavelength of light, can manipulate it.
MIT Technology Review: 2017-12-06 - Nanotechnology

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