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MEMS technology

Fusing CMOS IC and MEMS Design for IoT Edge Devices
Designers are now creating IoT edge devices that span across analog, digital, RF, and MEMS domains. They are tackling a challenge that once seemed impossible: combining the electronics of the ...
Electronic Design: 2020-05-12 - MEMS technology
MIT Makes Lego Lab For Microfluidics
Graduate student [Crystal Owens] was looking for new ways to make a cheap, simple microfluidics kit. This technique uses the flow of small amounts of liquid to do things like sort cells ...
Hackaday: 2020-05-11 - MEMS technology
Ultimaker 3D Printer + Laser Microfabrication + Stem Cells = Biodegradable Hard Tissue Implants
is employed for precise material microfabrication. What if we combine the best of both of these two worlds? Why not to use 3D printed structures as three-dimensional substrates for laser ... 2020-05-07 - MEMS technology

MEMS business

X-FAB and EUROPRACTICE Choose Innovative Solution to Help the Visually Impaired as 2020 MEMS Design Contest Winner
X-FAB, along with technology partner EUROPRACTICE, today announced the winning project in their competition to encourage further MEMS-based innovation. The triumphant project, entitled “Capacitive MEMS Sensors for High-Resolution Interactive Vibrotactile ...
Electronic Engineering Journal: 2020-05-12 - MEMS business


thumbnailNanomaterial significantly enhances potential COVID-19 therapy
Niclosamide, a drug used to treat tapeworms, has been found to have strong antiviral effect against SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing the COVID-19 pandemic. But the drug itself has limited potential because its structure makes it difficult to dissolve and for patients to absorb. Purdue University scientist Yuan Yao's laboratory has developed a ... 2020-05-14 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailHow to manipulate light on the nanoscale over wide frequency ranges
An international team led by researchers from the University of Oviedo and the Centre for Research in Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology (CINN-CSIC) has discovered an effective method for controlling the frequency of confined light at the nanoscale in the form of phonon polaritons (light coupled to vibrations in the crystal). 2020-05-08 - Nanotechnology
Making quantum 'waves' in ultrathin materials
A team of researchers has observed unusually long-lived wavelike electrons called 'plasmons' in a new class of electronically conducting material. Plasmons are very important for determining the optical and electronic properties of metals for the development of new sensors and communication devices.
Science Daily: 2020-05-14 - Nanotechnology

Featured Periodical

Springer Nature Publishing Releases New Book on MEMS Manufacturing Authored by Dr. Michael Huff, Founder and Director of the MEMS and Nanotechnology Exchange (MNX) at Corporation for National Research Initiatives.

The volume is entitled: Process Variations in Microsystems Manufacturing and covers how to estimate and manage the dimensional and material property variations resulting from the use of micro- and nano-fabrication techniques when designing and developing a microsystems device for production. This book is a valuable resource for practitioners, researchers and engineers working in the field as well as students at either the undergraduate or graduate level.

This book thoroughly examines and explains the basic processing steps used in MEMS fabrication (both integrated circuit and specialized micro machining processing steps. The book places an emphasis on the process variations in the device dimensions resulting from these commonly used processing steps. This will be followed by coverage of commonly used metrology methods, process integration and variations in material properties, device parameter variations, quality assurance and control methods, and design methods for handling process variations. A detailed analysis of future methods for improved microsystems manufacturing is also included. This book is a valuable resource for practitioners, researchers and engineers working in the field as well as students at either the undergraduate or graduate level.

Examines and explains the basic processing steps used in MEMS fabrication; Illustrates best practices and lessons learned in manufacturing of microsystems for commercial products with detailed case studies; Reviews future methods that may provide for improved process variations.

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