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MEMS technology

thumbnailNext-generation cockroach-inspired robot is small but mighty
PC-MEMS (short for printed circuit microelectromechanical systems) is a fabrication process in which the robot's components are etched into a 2D sheet and then popped out in its 3D structure. To build HAMR-JR, the researchers simply shrunk the 2D sheet design of the robot -- along with the actuators and onboard circuitry -- to recreate a ...
EurekAlert!: 2020-06-03 - MEMS technology
thumbnailThe concept of creating a 'brain-on-a-chip' revealed
Lobachevsky University scientists in collaboration with their colleagues from Russia, Italy, China and the United States have proposed the concept of a memristive neurohybrid chip to be used in compact biosensors and neuroprostheses.
Medical Xpress: 2020-05-28 - MEMS technology
Helium Can Stop Your IPhone — Maybe Other MEMS, Too
So even older iPhones seemed to be immune. Some speculated that the helium is small enough to get into the MEMS devices like the accelerometer or gyroscope that is in most modern phones and affect ...
Hackaday: 2020-05-31 - MEMS technology

MEMS business

Reworking Established Nodes
In addition, many of these designs have a high percentage of analog content—or in the case of MEMS chips, mechanical-electrical content—which does not benefit from scaling. The short-term result is a 200mm capacity crisis that may not disappear anytime ...
Semiconductor Engineering: 2020-05-24 - MEMS business


thumbnailStretchable variable color sheet that changes color with expansion and contraction
A Toyohashi University of Technology research team has succeeded in developing a variable color sheet with a film thickness of 400 nanometers that changes color when stretched and shrunk. The developed stretchable color sheets are expected to be applied to adhesive-type display elements, 2020-06-03 - Nanotechnology
Kirigami/origami: unfolding the new regime of advanced 3D microfabrication/nanofabrication
(Nanowerk News) 3D micro-/nanofabrication holds the key to build a large variety of micro-/nanoscale materials, structures, devices, and systems with unique properties that do not manifest in their 2D planar counterparts. Recently, scientists have explored ...
Nanowerk: 2020-05-27 - Nanotechnology
thumbnail‘Wave’ Plasmons Proposed to Power a New Class of Sensing and Communication Technologies at Nanoscale
A study co-led by Berkeley Lab has shown how wavelike plasmons could be used to power an entire new class of nanoscale sensing and photochemical technologies.
All About Circuits: 2020-05-23 - Nanotechnology

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