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MEMS technology

Progress in 3D Printing Microelectromechanical Systems
Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) are used in contemporary electronic applications, whether in the medical field, measurements, microfluidics, or the Internet of Things. They may act as ... 2020-06-19 - MEMS technology
UV Micromachining: Shorter Pulses or Shorter Wavelength?
For manufacturers of medical devices, particularly disposables, pulsed all-solid-state ultraviolet lasers are the established tools of choice in many micromachining applications. The high reliability and compact size of these diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS ...
MD&M East: 2020-06-11 - MEMS technology
Laser Micromachining Technology for Device Manufacturing
When one thinks of contract manufacturing in the medical device industry, lasers and laser micromachining may not immediately come to mind. Instead, manufacturing engineers tend to look toward contract houses to outsource medical microelectronics ...
MD&M East: 2020-06-13 - MEMS technology
thumbnailNeuroMem: Analog Graphene-Based Resistive Memory for Artificial Neural Networks
Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the edge has become a hot subject of the recent technology-minded publications. The challenges related to IoT nodes gave rise to research on efficient hardware-based accelerators.
Nature: 2020-06-22 - MEMS technology
thumbnailSound source localization by Ormia ochracea inspired low–noise piezoelectric MEMS directional microphone
The single-tone s (SSL) by majority of fly Ormia ochracea’s ears–inspired directional microphones leaves a limited choice when an application like hearing aid (HA) demands broadband SSL. Here, a piezoelectric MEMS directional microphone using a modified mechanical model of fly’s ear has been presented with primary focus to achieve SSL in most sensitive audio bands to mitigate the constraints of traditional SSL works.
Nature: 2020-06-12 - MEMS technology

MEMS business

thumbnailNevadanano Modernizes Combustible Gas Sensor Technology, Powers Blackline Safety's G7 Wearables
NevadaNano today announced its partnership with Blackline Safety Corp. to modernize combustible gas detection systems in a range of industries, ensuring the safety of workers. NevadaNano's signature line of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)-based gas sensors,
YAHOO!: 2020-06-24 - MEMS business
thumbnail'Win Semiconductors' lands orders for iPhone 12 VCSEL 3D Sensors Chips while Questionable iPhone 12 Molds Surface
A new supply Chain report this morning claims that Taiwan's VCSEL component supply chain makers for Apple's 2020 iPhone lineup have been gearing up their production since June and more specifically, Taiwan's 'Win Semiconductor' lands orders for 3D sensors .
Patently Apple: 2020-06-15 - MEMS business


thumbnailResearchers cut nanometer-sized patterns into 2-D materials
EPFL researchers have developed a high-precision technology that enables them to carve nanometric patterns into two-dimensional materials. 2020-06-23 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailCMU demonstrates nanoscale technology that causes plants to absorb nutrients with nearly 100% efficiency
Spraying plants with fertilizers and pesticides is typically a highly lossy affair — as little as 1% of the substances currently used in industrial and food production farming is actually taken up by the plant,
TechCrunch: 2020-06-15 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailSpontaneous formation of nanoscale hollow structures could boost battery storage
Small batteries were used to study the spontaneous formation of nanoscale hollow structures. An unexpected property of nanometer-scale antimony crystals -- the spontaneous formation of hollow structures -- could help give the next generation of lithium ion batteries higher energy density without reducing battery lifetime. 2020-06-18 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailAdvanced nanotechnology to improve success of dental implants
A technological advancement that may prove crucial in the long-term success of dental implants has been developed by University of Queensland researchers. 2020-06-11 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailSolid-State Laser Refrigeration of Nanoscale Sensors Achieved – Could Revolutionize Bio-Imaging and Quantum Communication
University of Washington researchers used an infrared laser to cool a solid semiconductor material — labeled here as “cantilever” — by at least 20 degrees C,
InfoSur Hoy: 2020-06-24 - Nanotechnology

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