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MEMS technology

thumbnailHoney might become a crucial feature to build brain-like computer chips
A group of engineers has demonstrated that honey could be used to make powerful computer chips and reduce electronic waste.
Interesting Engineering: 2022-04-08 - MEMS technology
Control of MEMS lidar mirrors enables steady pictures in shaky environments
3D object detection in various road situations is a necessity for safe autonomous driving. For example, a white 18-wheel-truck next to the cloudy sky or a single, dropped, black tire on a highway ...
EurekAlert!: 2022-03-29 - MEMS technology
Applications of Photolithography in Microfabrication
Photolithography is an essential microfabrication technique used to pattern substrates for modern electronics, sensors and microfluidics. It is a precision form of customized surface fabrication where the interface of a wafer is coated with a photoresist ...
AZoNano: 2022-03-28 - MEMS technology
thumbnailResearchers develop glass-in-glass fabrication approach for making miniature IR optics
Researchers have developed a new fabrication process that allows infrared (IR) glass to be combined with another glass and formed into complex miniature shapes. The technique can be used to create complex infrared optics that could make IR imaging and sensing more broadly accessible. 2022-04-07 - MEMS technology
3D-Printing Technique Paves Way for Fabrication of Devices Inside the Body
“With further development our technique could enable endoscopic microfabrication tools that would be valuable during surgery,” he said. “These tools could be used to print micro- or nano-scale 3D structures that facilitate the adhesion and growth of ...
Design News: 2022-04-06 - MEMS technology

MEMS business

thumbnailApple's Force Touch might be making a comeback if recently filed patents mean anything
Apple began introducing Force Touch (aka 3D Touch) to its devices in 2014 with the Apple Watch. It subsequently brought it to the MacBook's trackpad and
TechSpot: 2022-03-29 - MEMS business
USound Introduces Patient-safe MEMS Loudspeaker for MRI-compatible Headphones
The non-magnetic MEMS speakers enable the manufacture of headphones to protect patients from loud noises and relax them while inside MRI machines. USound, global developer of micro-electro ...
Finanznachrichten: 2022-04-06 - MEMS business


thumbnailNew method measures nanoscale material response at high magnification
The safety glass used in the windshields of limousines and military vehicles needs to be hard, strong and shatter-proof, but also thin—both for visibility and to reduce its weight, a particularly important feature for aerospace vehicles. 2022-03-31 - Nanotechnology
Nanoscale Film Unveils Unique Properties on Textured Silicon
The optical characteristics were created by a combination of thin metallic covering and subwavelength properties of Si nanoscale or microscale texture. It was demonstrated that altering the depth of the covering led to considerable IR absorbance increase ...
AZoNano: 2022-04-04 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailNew DNA tool could speed up vaccine development by a million times
The reduction in resources has been compared to using one liter of water and one kilogram of material instead of the entire volumes of water in all oceans to test material corresponding to the entire mass of Mount Everest.
Interesting Engineering: 2022-04-07 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailApplying Nanofluidics to Enhance Biomanufacturing
We speak with Dr. Georgios Katsikis about his involvement in new research that employs nanofluidics to assess the DNA weight of viral vectors.
AZoNano: 2022-04-08 - Nanotechnology

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