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MEMS technology

thumbnailArtificial vision could be a reality thanks to a new electric eye
Georgia State University researchers created the device using a new vertical stacking system, allowing it to be scaled down, and operate at micro-levels.
Daily Mail on 2022-04-19 - MEMS technology
thumbnailPaving The Way To Chiplets
The packaging industry is putting pieces in place to broaden the adoption of chiplets beyond just a few chip vendors, setting the stage for next-generation 3D chip designs and packages. New chiplet standards,
Semiconductor Engineering: 2022-04-25 - MEMS technology
thumbnailUnveiling bulk and surface radiation forces in a dielectric liquid
"This is the first time the force density exerted by the light within matter has been measured; earlier experiments only measured the forces at the interface of different materials, or the net forces exerted on small particles, 2022-04-20 - MEMS technology
thumbnailArtificial hairs provide added sensitivity to e-skin
Medical sensors or artificial skin for humanoid robots could become more sensitive with a new e-skin integrated with artificial hairs.
The Engineer: 2022-04-28 - MEMS technology

MEMS business

thumbnailTrumpf venture unit backs MEMS microphone startup
The venture capital division of laser giant Trumpf has led a €15 million round of investment in a 20-employee Norwegian startup company that has developed optical MEMS-based mic
Optics: 2022-04-27 - MEMS business
thumbnailMEMS micro speaker: Bosch expands sensor business for consumer electronics
Bosch is expanding its expertise in MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) micro speakers and strengthening its market position as leading provider of sensing solutions for consumer electronics with an acquisition.
bosch-presse: 2022-04-28 - MEMS business


thumbnailNew “Electric Eye” Neuromorphic Artificial Vision Device Developed Using Nanotechnology
Using nanotechnology, scientists have created a newly designed neuromorphic electronic device that endows microrobotics with colorful vision. Researchers at Georgia State University have successfully
SciTech Daily: 2022-04-20 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailNanoclusters self-organize into centimeter-scale hierarchical assemblies
Nature may abhor a vacuum, but it sure loves structure. Complex, self-organized assemblies are found throughout the natural world, from double-helix DNA molecules to the photonic crystals that make butterfly wings so colorful and iridescent. 2022-04-22 - Nanotechnology
Using Nanotechnology to Clear Nuclear Waste
The relevance of nanotechnology in the safe disposal of nuclear waste is explored in this article. Radionuclides, due to their extremely long half-life, are a major problem in clearing up or decontamination of nuclear waste. Researchers have proposed ...
AZoNano: 2022-04-28 - Nanotechnology
New mechanism to transfer chirality between molecules in the nanoscale field
If we compare the right to the left hand, we can see these are specular images —that is, like symmetrical shapes reflected in a mirror— and they cannot superimpose on each other. This property ...
EurekAlert!: 2022-04-27 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailDeveloping the world's smallest gear wheel
Ever smaller and more intricate—without miniaturization, we wouldn't have the components today that are required for high-performance laptops, compact smartphones or high-resolution endoscopes. Research is now being carried out in the nanoscale on switches, 2022-04-27 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailResearch reveals a new mechanism to transfer chirality between molecules in the nanoscale field
If we compare the right to the left hand, we can see these are specular images—that is, like symmetrical shapes reflected in a mirror—and they cannot superimpose on each other. This property is chirality, 2022-04-26 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailNanotechnology enables single-cell sorting by function
For nearly 40 years, drugmakers have used genetically engineered cells as tiny drug factories. Such cells can be programmed to secrete compounds that yield drugs used to treat cancer and ... 2022-04-20 - Nanotechnology

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