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MEMS technology

How Lasers Are Boosting Glass Microfabrication
The microfabrication of glass-based microfluidic chips requires drilling, cutting and etching to create features such as entry via holes, micro-channels or flow cells. Aside from mechanical CNC drilling and milling of large features (typically less than ...
MD&M East: 2022-05-24 - MEMS technology
Microfluidics aims to speed up the detection of sepsis
These markers serve as an early indicator of sepsis. This is based on microfluidics, which is the science of manipulating and controlling fluids. Microfluidics seeks to control fluids in the range ...
Digital Journal: 2022-05-24 - MEMS technology
Artificial cilia could someday power diagnostic devices
The technology could someday enable low-cost, portable diagnostic devices for testing blood samples, manipulating cells or assisting in microfabrication processes. Cilia are the body's diligent ...
Science Daily: 2022-05-24 - MEMS technology
thumbnailDitching sensors for streamlined control of microdevices
The ability to precisely control the position and movement of miniature devices is being taken into new territory as KAUST scientists develop tinier and simpler devices without a single sensor.
techxplore: 2022-05-19 - MEMS technology
thumbnailA cutting-edge manufacturing technique creates robots less than a millimeter wide
This new type of micro-robot combines techniques from integrated circuit manufacturing with specialized alloys to walk, crawl, and scuttle when light heats walking joints.
Interesting Engineering: 2022-05-25 - MEMS technology
Tiny robotic crab to walk through arteries and clear blockages in life-saving new tech
Shaped like a miniature crab, with eight legs and pincers, the half-millimetre wide micro machine may be used in the future to eliminate tumours or clear blocked arteries in the human body.
The Mirror: 2022-05-27 - MEMS technology

MEMS business

thumbnailMenlo Microsystems wants to make electrical switches far more efficient
Menlo Microsystems unveiled its Ideal Switch recently and it also raised $150 million to shake up the electronics industry. It calls this the biggest innovation since the transistor, as it can ...
VentureBeat: 2022-05-31 - MEMS business
China MEMS sensor companies eye bigger global presence
China-based microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) sensor companies, including GoerTek Microelectronics (Goermicro) and MEMSensing Microsystems, have stepped up efforts to catch up with their ...
Digi Times: 2022-05-26 - MEMS business


thumbnailBio-Graphene Nano-Drug Delivery System Targets Cervical Cancer
Recently, a new nano-drug delivery system (NDDS) was established based on bio-graphene nanocomposite to treat cervical cancer.
AZoNano: 2022-05-31 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailScientists find nanoscale link between superconductivity and charge density waves
Scientists have found a new, nanoscale link between superconductivity — the flow of electric current without a loss of energy — and a phenomenon known as charge density waves. The discovery, which is described in the journal Science,
Tunisie Soir: 2022-05-27 - Nanotechnology

Nanotech business

thumbnailThe Next-Gen Aviation Experience: How Nanotechnology is Driving Success
As fuel efficiency and the passenger experience become more valuable components of air travel, OEMs have begun pouring money into initiatives that can help them drive even the most incremental performance gains for their aircraft.
AviationPros: 2022-05-18 - Nanotech business
thumbnail3 Key Areas Where Nanotechnology Is Impacting Our Future
The rapid pace of technological change is clearly visible, but much of what you may not see, the exceedingly small physical components of change called nanotechnologies, are catalyzing the revolution.
Forbes: 2022-05-31 - Nanotech business

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