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MEMS technology

From The First Transistor to Intel 3D
It was a 32 bit multitasking chip and it used the CMOS 1, 5 micron technology. - August 13, 2002 Intel launched several innovative technologies using its 90nm technological process. These technologies offered better performance due to low energy use ...
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thumbnailEnergy-Harvesting Tech Could Boost Power for Cell Yellers
"What's changed now is that we can use nanotechnology -- very small mechanical structures -- to power nanoelectronics, which require less and less power to operate," Howe stated. "The hope is that, just like self-winding watches, at some point we won't ...
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MEMS business

Smallest Video Camera
The second generation cameras utilize advanced technology, notably the TSV (Through Silicon Via) method which enables miniaturization and reduction of mass-production costs. A dedicated 0.66x0.66 mm CMOS sensor provides high image resolution at 45000 ...
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STMicroelectronics Offers the World's Smallest and Most Accurate Location ...
GENEVA, May 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications and the leading supplier of MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) for consumer and ...
2011-05-06 PR Newswire (press release) - MEMS business
SEMICON West 2011 Features Latest Innovations
Advanced nano- and microelectronics manufacturing technology are continuing to enable extreme cost reductions, performance increases and quality improvements in high-growth HB-LEDs, MEMS, next generation power solutions and printed electronics markets. ...
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New Intel 3D Chip Technology May Have Capability of Penetrating Mobile Market
This new Intel process will be implemented in a 22 nm process which is certainly a leading edge CMOS process node. EVen if Intel is successful with the chips they will still need to develop the software that will allow their chips to work with the ...
2011-05-06 Gerson Lehrman Group - MEMS business
3D Phones By HTC And LG: Get Set For A Glasses-Free 3D Experience
Surely, the most exciting feature is the phone's ability to capture and playback 3D photos and videos. The phone has two 5 mega pixel Colour CMOS with auto focus cameras for 3D capturing; 5 mega pixel Colour CMOS with auto focus for 2D capture and a ...
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thumbnailApple iPhone 4 Vs iPhone 5, differs
Sources have informed that Apple is in talks with Taiwan Cappela Microsystems and it has been reported that Apple is planning for a partnership over ambient light sensors for the iPhone. Apparently the move over partnership is because of the concerns ...
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thumbnailMEMS technology highlighted at sensors expo & conference
For over 25 years, Sensors Expo has been bringing engineers and engineering professionals the latest trends and cutting edge technologies in sensors and this year will be no different, with rapidly changing technologies such as MEMS, Wireless and ...
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thumbnailNanoantenna Surprise Discovery Could Make Solar Cells More Efficient
By attaching nanoscale antennas to silicon semiconductors, Rice researchers showed they could harvest infrared light and turn it into electricity. BY JADE BOYD Basic scientific curiosity paid off in unexpected ways when Rice University researchers ...
today CleanTechnica - Nanotechnology
CIC Nanogune Develops Nano-FTIR-Nanoscale Infrared Spectroscopy ...
In future, the technique could be applied for analyzing the local chemical composition and structure of nanoscale materials in polymer composites, semiconductor devices, minerals or biological tissue. The work is published in Nature ...
Alton Parrish today - Nanotechnology
Future electronic devices could use self-assembling molecules
Organic molecules that self assemble into nanoscale circuits could herald the next generation of electronic devices, following a proof-of-concept study at Cambridge University. The research team created a 'pavement' of pentagonal cyclopentadienyl ...
today The Engineer - Nanotechnology
thumbnailDesert beetle shows researchers how to capture spilled oil underwater
(Nanowerk Spotlight) In the wake of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico we published a Nanowerk Spotlight on Nanotechnology-based solutions for oil spills that provided a general overview of the wide variety of nanomaterials and nanotechnologies ...
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EIPBN 2011 ("3-Beams")
EIPBN, the "3-Beams", Conference, is the premier conference on the science and technology of nanopatterning. Originally fabricated by either electron, ion, or photon beams, (the 3 beams), the technology of nanoscale manufacturing now also includes nanoimprint technology, and engineering molecular structures that grow and replicate themselves. This conference is the place to hear the newest techniques and the latest advances.

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How to Turn Your Technology Company into a Market-Driven Profit Machine
Online - May 10, 2011 11:30am ET
Turn YOUR company into a market-driven profit machine
MEPTEC 9th Annual MEMS Symposium
Wyndham San Jose, CA
MEMS - Driving Innovation. Existing Technologies Enable Future Innovations
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EIPBN 2011 ("3-Beams")
2011-05-31 - 2011-06-03
Las Vegas NV
World's Leading Symposium on Lithography and Nanofabrication
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Transducers' 11
2011-06-05 - 2011-06-09
Beijing, China
The 16th International Conference on Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems
Sensors Expo & Conference 2011
2011-06-07 - 2011-06-08
Rosemont, IL
Focused on sensors and sensor integrated systems, providing over 25 years of technical innovation and thought leadership.
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Microtech Conference & Expo 2011
2011-06-13 - 2011-06-16
Boston MA
Uniting innovators to bring microtechnology from laboratory to marketplace
COMS 2011
2011-08-28 - 2011-08-31
Greensboro NC
Commercialization of Micro - Nano Systems
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SENSORS Tech Forum '11 Boston
2011-10-10 - 2011-10-12
Boston, MA
NASA Tech Briefs Presents SENSORS Tech Forum
MEMS Executive Congress 2011
2011-11-02 - 2011-11-03
Monterey, CA
Connecting the MEMS supply chain with MEMS end-users
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