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MEMS technology

thumbnailWhen mixing confined liquids, let the fingers do the work
A key example of the latter is microfluidics technology, which allows for the controlled manipulation of fluids in miniscule channels often only a few hundred nanometers wide. Microfluidic devices were first introduced in the 1980s and for many years ...
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CNT-based thin-film structures create new MEMS/NEMS
The stiff CNT-polymer composite thin film micropattern and suspended beam have potential applications to novel physical sensors, nanoelectromechanical switches, and other MEMS/NEMS devices. Lithography-compatible layer-by-layer (LbL) nano-self-assembly ...
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MEMS business

Mobius Photonics Releases Fiber-Based Laser Source for Precision Materials ...
It is intended for precision materials processing applications such as micromachining, solar cell manufacturing, and via drilling. "With the Mobius G1R3 laser design, we've parlayed our experience developing fiber-based sources for microelectronic and ...
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Samsung Electronics Secures Global License for Evident Technologies' Quantum ...
The company's objective is to enhance the performance of thermoelectric systems using nano-material, he added. Thermoelectric equipment can be utilized for modifying waste energy into electrical energy as well as for solid-state cooling and heating ...
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All-Silicon MEMS Oscillators for Improved Solid State Drives
By Cameron Chai The products are resistant to shocks of 50000G and vibrations of 70G. These features make the SiT9102 and SiT9107 Differential Oscillators and the SiT8103 High Performance Single-Ended Oscillator ideal for harsh environments. ...
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thumbnailThe X PRIZE Foundation and Qualcomm Join Forces to Develop a Competition to ...
The X PRIZE Foundation and Qualcomm seeks to achieve this by combining advancements in expert systems and medical point of care data such as wireless sensors, advancements in medical imaging and microfluidics. The Tricorder X PRIZE aims to incentivize ...
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Nano-sized MEMS Microphones for Enhanced Audio Quality in Mobile Phones
By Cameron Chai STMicroelectronics has unveiled two digital MEMS microphones. The MP34DB01 and MP45DT02 devices that combine enhanced sound quality and toughness in a cost effective and nano-scale package to offer increased audio capability in mobile ...
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ITC excludes Knowles MEMS microphones
SAN FRANCISCO—The US International Trade Commission issued an exclusion order Tuesday (May 10), barring further importation into the US of MEMS microphones sold by Knowles Electronics Inc. that were found to infringe patents held by Analog Devices Inc ...
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Nanoscale infrared spectroscopy instrument gets a boost by a thermal source
The technique could be applied for analyzing the local chemical composition and structure of nanoscale materials in minerals or biological tissue, as well as in polymer composites and semiconductor devices. Conventional optical instruments, such as ...
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thumbnailActivated graphene makes superior supercapacitors for energy storage
UPTON, NY - Scientists at the US Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory have helped to uncover the nanoscale structure of a novel form of carbon, contributing to an explanation of why this new material acts like a super-absorbent sponge ...
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Featured Process

e-Beam Lithographic Services from MNX

MNX offers commercial e-beam lithography services using a state-of-the-art Vistec EBPG 5000+ direct-write tool. This affordable service provides you with the best performance and fastest turnaround times in the industry.
  • 50MHz scan speed
  • Spot size below 2.5 nm
  • Large scan field size
  • Fast cycle times

Event Calendar

MEPTEC 9th Annual MEMS Symposium
Wyndham San Jose, CA
MEMS - Driving Innovation. Existing Technologies Enable Future Innovations
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Working with a MEMS Foundry
Online - May 25, 2011 11:30am ET
Part 3 of 3 - Remaining Issues
EIPBN 2011 ("3-Beams")
2011-05-31 - 2011-06-03
Las Vegas NV
World's Leading Symposium on Lithography and Nanofabrication
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Transducers' 11
2011-06-05 - 2011-06-09
Beijing, China
The 16th International Conference on Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems
Sensors Expo & Conference 2011
2011-06-07 - 2011-06-08
Rosemont, IL
Focused on sensors and sensor integrated systems, providing over 25 years of technical innovation and thought leadership.
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Microtech Conference & Expo 2011
2011-06-13 - 2011-06-16
Boston MA
Uniting innovators to bring microtechnology from laboratory to marketplace
COMS 2011
2011-08-28 - 2011-08-31
Greensboro NC
Commercialization of Micro - Nano Systems
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SENSORS Tech Forum '11 Boston
2011-10-10 - 2011-10-12
Boston, MA
NASA Tech Briefs Presents SENSORS Tech Forum
MEMS Executive Congress 2011
2011-11-02 - 2011-11-03
Monterey, CA
Connecting the MEMS supply chain with MEMS end-users
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