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MEMS technology

thumbnailIn the mix
The new technique might also be useful in microfluidics — the controlled manipulation of fluids in miniscule channels often only a few microns wide. Microfluidic technology was first introduced in the 1980s, and for many years was best known for its ...
yesterday MIT News - MEMS technology
APL-Built Plasma Detector Launches on Space Shuttle Endeavour
Canary is the second Wafer Integrated Plasma Spectrometers (WISPERS) device created by APL; engineers used innovative MicroElectroMechanical (MEMS) technology when designing WISPERS to reduce size and energy consumption while increasing sensitivity. ...
yesterday Space Daily - MEMS technology

MEMS business

Global Micro-Electromechanical Systems (MEMs) Devices Industry
By Reportlinker This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Micro-Electromechanical Systems (MEMS) Devices in US$ Million by the following product categories – Accelerometers, Gyroscopes, Inkjet Heads, Wafer Probes & Optical MEMS, Pressure Sensors, ...
today Sacramento Bee - MEMS business
3D integration: Bringing it home with supply-chain buy-in
He believes that smart phones and the demand they create for wide I/O memory stacked on logic could be the key enabler for through-silicon via (TSV) technology. "We really think it can bring the best of all worlds into your mobile handset," he said. ...
today ElectroIQ - MEMS business
thumbnailThree-dimensional printing: An image of the future
To make a transducer by painstakingly micro-machining a brittle block of ceramic material can take many hours of work, though. As a result, even as the size and cost of the console that controls the scanner has fallen with advances in microelectronics ...
today The Economist - MEMS business
Initiative to promote commercial uptake of microfluidic devices
(Nanowerk News) The industrial and consumer use of microfluidic solutions in components and instruments is hampered by the lack of standardized interconnects. Just as mobile electronics was enabled by standardized interconnects like USB and Bluetooth, ...
today Nanowerk LLC - MEMS business
thumbnailNFC kit lets patients leave hospital earlier and monitor their return to ...
"The technology is based on an ultra-linear NFC-MEMS [Micro electro-mechanical systems] hybrid chip with 1mm mercury (Hg) precision and 0.1°C temperature accuracy developed during the past year by Gentag and its partners under the specifications and ...
today Near Field Communications World - MEMS business
Companies Think "Outside the Chip" to License and Protect IP Assets as ...
The patent licensing landscape is rapidly changing, from a historic focus on semiconductors, to a significant rise in licensing activity involving microelectronics based systems technology inside and outside the chip, according to Chipworks ...
yesterday (press release) - MEMS business
Non-planar device scaling: SEMATECH talks TSV, SoC, SiP
The biggest challenges for high-volume manufacturing of through silicon vias (TSV), Jammy says, are all through the process flow. Bonding and de-bonding is one major example, with poor throughput. Materials stresses, especially on thinned dies, ...
yesterday ElectroIQ - MEMS business
TechSearch Analysis Shows Double-Digit Growth for PoP
PoP provides a cost/performance solution that solves business and logistics issues associated with stacking devices directly—something that cannot yet be met by 3D TSV technology. Memory and the logic packages can be tested separately before assembly. ...
today PCBDesign007 - MEMS business
thumbnailDARPA eyes next-gen MEMS gyroscope technology
Northrop Grumman and the Georgia Institute of Technology have been tapped to develop a next-gen Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) gyroscope for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). According to Northrop exec Charles Volk, ...
today TG Daily - MEMS business


thumbnailThe Race for Energy Storage
Scientists at the US Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory have helped to uncover the nanoscale structure of a novel form of carbon, contributing to an explanation of why this new material acts like a super-absorbent sponge when it ...
yesterday The Cutting Edge - Nanotechnology
thumbnailNanotechnology Rejuvenates the Heart
The same nanotechnology that enabled this heart patch has wide application in other fields. Research is currently being conducted to develop bendable laptops, new drug delivery systems and novel diagnostic tools.
today Big Think - Nanotechnology
thumbnailExperiments settle long-standing debate about mysterious array formations in ...
The process also introduces some interesting new physics that only become evident at the nanoscale. "Even in the land of Lilliputians, these forces are puny at best—but at the nanoscale or smaller still, they rule the world," she says. ...
today - Nanotechnology
thumbnailMiracle material: Graphene
Nature Nanotechnology (5), 727-731. ( -- In the 19th century novel, Flatland, by Edward A. Abbott, residents of that fictional country exist in only two dimensions. Women are born as line segments, while men come in a range of geometric ...
today - Nanotechnology

Nanotech business

thumbnailDon't miss the momentum of nanotechnology
Nanotechnology is poised to impact all major industrial sectors, unseating incumbent technologies in areas ranging from semiconductors to vaccines. These will represent completely new applications, not simply better or cheaper versions of what exists ...
today Science Business - Nanotech business

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Technologies for Future Micro and Nano Manufacturing
The 2011 Workshop on Technologies for Future Micro and Nano Manufacturing will bring together leaders from government, industry, and academia to discuss technology and policy issues relevant to stimulating domestic micro and nano manufacturing. Sponsored by the Transducer Research Foundation. Click here to register.

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MEPTEC 9th Annual MEMS Symposium
Wyndham San Jose, CA
MEMS - Driving Innovation. Existing Technologies Enable Future Innovations
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Working with a MEMS Foundry
Online - May 25, 2011 11:30am ET
Part 3 of 3 - Remaining Issues
EIPBN 2011 ("3-Beams")
2011-05-31 - 2011-06-03
Las Vegas NV
World's Leading Symposium on Lithography and Nanofabrication
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Transducers' 11
2011-06-05 - 2011-06-09
Beijing, China
The 16th International Conference on Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems
Sensors Expo & Conference 2011
2011-06-07 - 2011-06-08
Rosemont, IL
Focused on sensors and sensor integrated systems, providing over 25 years of technical innovation and thought leadership.
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Microtech Conference & Expo 2011
2011-06-13 - 2011-06-16
Boston MA
Uniting innovators to bring microtechnology from laboratory to marketplace
Technologies for Future Micro and Nano Manufacturing
2011-08-08 - 2011-08-10
Napa, California
Stimulating domestic micro and nano manufacturing
COMS 2011
2011-08-28 - 2011-08-31
Greensboro NC
Commercialization of Micro - Nano Systems
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SENSORS Tech Forum '11 Boston
2011-10-10 - 2011-10-12
Boston, MA
NASA Tech Briefs Presents SENSORS Tech Forum
MEMS Executive Congress 2011
2011-11-02 - 2011-11-03
Monterey, CA
Connecting the MEMS supply chain with MEMS end-users
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