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MEMS technology

Accelerometer placement – where and why « MEMSblog
By Michael Stanley Originally posted on Freescale's The Embedded Beat blog A question that should be asked during physical design of any product incorporating sensors is: “Where should be sensors be located within the ...
MEMS Industry Group yesterday - MEMS technology
thumbnailNIST promotes lab-on-chip testing standard dev
Standardized testing and measurement methods, Stavis said, will enable MEMS LOC manufacturers to accurately determine important physical characteristics of LOC devices such as dimensions, electrical surface properties, and fluid flow rates and ...
yesterday ElectroIQ - MEMS technology
thumbnail3D-printed miniaturised fluidic devices
Cronin believes that the scope for 3D-printed milli-devices is huge and the team is currently working towards expanding the versatility of the devices. 'Until now the use of microfluidics has been limited to specialist groups and we hope very much that ...
today Chemistry World - MEMS technology
STMicroelectronics Extends MEMS Sensor Portfolio With Tiny 3-Axis ...
GENEVA -- (Marketwire) -- 08/09/12 -- STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics.
admin today - MEMS technology
thumbnailResearchers Observe New Phenomenon in Mesoscale Magnetic Vortex ...
... Scientists Discover Photovoltages in Ferroelectrics Materials Using Bismuth Ferrite Ultrathin Films · Researchers Develop Graphene Metamaterial-Based Micro-Scale Device · Researchers Introduce Hard X-ray Angle-Resolved PhotoEmission Spectroscopy ...
today - MEMS technology
thumbnailLondon Calling: MEMS the word
Let's hear it for two of the guys pioneering some of the new applications for microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) components, namely SiTime and WiSpry. WiSpry Inc. (Irvine, Calif.), a ten year old private company that is pioneering tunable RF ...
today EE Times - MEMS technology
thumbnailTrimble Launches AP20-C GNSS Inertial OEM Module with MEMS Inertial Sensors
Using a compact, custom-built IMU based on commercial Micro Electromechanical Machined (MEMS) inertial sensors, the AP20-C enables system integrators to achieve high-rate position and orientation measurements with exceptional accuracy, Trimble said ...
yesterday GPS World magazine - MEMS technology
thumbnailNIST focuses on testing standards to support lab on a chip commercialization
NIST focuses on testing standards to support lab on a chip commercialization. August 9, 2012. NIST focuses on testing standards to support lab on a chip commercialization. Enlarge. This is a microfluidic lab on a chip device sitting on a polystyrene dish.
today Phys.Org - MEMS technology

MEMS business

MEMS Market Tripled from 2009 to 2011, Where Will The Growth Come From ...
7, 2012 -- /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The global market for microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) tripled from 2009 to 2011, and is forecast to reach $5.4 billion by 2017. Industry watchers, investors, businesses, regulators, and aspiring entrepreneurs ...
yesterday Sacramento Bee - MEMS business
Block Engineering Partners with SKAE and Pembroke for Quantum Cascade ...
About Block MEMS LLC: Block MEMS, LLC is an engineering and development company focusing on the R&D of high performance Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs) and FTIR spectrometers. Following the success of its commercial-off-the-shelf passive FTIR ...
today Sacramento Bee - MEMS business
The 18th World Micromachine Summit (MMS 2012) - blog*spot
The Micromachine Summit (was first organized in 1995) provides the latest snapshot of a Micro-Nano (including MEMS) Technology to the worldwide industrial, academic and governmental initiatives. Delegations from the most important ...
MMC yesterday - MEMS business
GII offers 3 Yole reports on MEMS applications and growth trends
This report forecasts continued strong growth in motion sensing and microfluidics as those sectors will increasingly come to dominate the MEMS market totals, making up almost half of the overall market in 2017, with accelerometers, gyros, magnetometers ...
yesterday ElectroIQ - MEMS business


Industrial Nanotech Launches New Nanocoating to Cool and Protect Decks
NAPLES, Fla., Aug 08, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Industrial Nanotech, Inc. (Pink Sheets:INTK), an emerging global leader in nanotechnology based energy saving and sustainable solutions announced today that the Company has launched a new product, ...
yesterday - Nanotechnology
thumbnailNanotechnology in Solar Power
Solar panels are one of the most popular forms of renewable energy. They are increasingly being used by individual households and businesses to produce some of their own electricity, particularly in warm countries, and more eco-conscious countries like ...
today - Nanotechnology
Buckliballs, Origami Lobsters and The Science Of Instability
The technology used to create buckliballs is being heralded as a new approach to engineering and could be used to create gadgets, such as a tent that springs automatically from a backpack, to micro-scale projects such as drug-delivery capsules. Another ...
yesterday - Nanotechnology
thumbnailAM Vitals: Nanotechnology Used to Repair Damaged Heart Tissue
Here's what's making health news this morning: Novel Cure for Ailing Hearts (WSJ): Scientists used nanotechnology to repair tissues damaged in heart attacks in rats and pigs, suggesting a possible new way to treat people who've suffered the same ailment.
today Wall Street Journal (blog) - Nanotechnology
Novel X-ray Imaging Technique Enhances Quality of Nanomaterial Images
A new imaging technique employing X-ray diffraction has been developed at the London Center of Nanotechnology that has led to the successful three-dimensional imaging of gold nanocrystals. The quality of images of nanomaterials has been significantly ...
today - Nanotechnology
Researchers explore Li-air battery reversibility on the nanoscale
“We believe this work paves the way for studying irreversible or quasi-reversible nanoscale electrochemistry – in materials systems ranging from Li-air batteries to more established fields such as corrosion, electroplating, and many others,” Kalinin ...
yesterday Phys.Org - Nanotechnology
Charge separation in silver clusters
Center for Nanoscale Materials (CNM) users from the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne in Switzerland, working with the Argonne National Laboratory's CNM Nanophotonics Group, have demonstrated the existence of long-lived charge-separated ...
today Phys.Org - Nanotechnology
thumbnailNanotechnology may hold the key to hydrogen's future
Researchers from various institutions have been working to address these issues and many have been met with mixed results. Those that have conducted experiments in the field of nanotechnology suggest that the technology could hold the key to solving ...
today Hydrogen Fuel News - Nanotechnology

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