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MEMS technology

European Project to Study Technological Aspects of Flexible Electronics
Leandro Lorenzelli informed that research on thin flexible components will create new innovations for microelectronic systems and devices with functionalities customized to the requirements of a myriad of applications such as biomedical instrumentation ...
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JPSA Introduces New IX-6100-MD (Metal Dicing) System
J P Sercel Associates (JPSA), a leading supplier of laser micromachining tools, announces the release of the IX-6100-MD for scribing and dicing metal layers such as: Mo, Cu, Ni, Au, Ag, Zn, and their alloys used in the LED manufacturing process.
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MEMS business

Raydiance attracts Samsung investment
As one of a series of DoE investments in innovative manufacturing technologies, Raydiance and Delphi are working to exploit the cold-ablation ability of an ultrafast laser and use it to micromachine flow holes in Delphi-manufactured fuel injectors ...
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thumbnailExclusive interview: DARPA's new director on consumerization and innovation
I had the opportunity to discuss the opportunities and risks of military consumerization with DARPA's new director, Dr. Arati Prabhakar. Dr. Prabhakar was head of NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) in the 1990s, was later president ...
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New Report Sheds Light on Global Market for MEMS Pressure Sensors
By Will Soutter. Research and Markets has included TechNavio's new report titled 'Global MEMS Pressure Sensors Market 2011-2015' to its catalogue. According to the report, the global market for MEMS pressure sensors is estimated to grow at 7.03% CAGR ...
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thumbnailResearchers Discover How Light, Matter Interact at Nanoscale Level
"Our research provides a fundamental insight into light at the nanoscale and, in particular, helps in understanding how light and matter interact. This is the key to advance nanophotonic science and it can be useful to design novel optical devices like ...
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Nanotechnology in space
Nanotechnology will play an important role in future space missions. Nanosensors, dramatically improved high-performance materials, or highly efficient propulsion systems are but a few examples. Propulsion systems. Most of today's rocket ...
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thumbnailNaming nanolasers
My Photonic Frontiers article coming up in the September issue of Laser Focus World describes recent progress on nanoscale lasers, having volumes smaller than a cubic wavelength. Such emerging technologies are fascinating, but also raise a peculiar ...
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thumbnailPatterning defect-free nanocrystal films with nanometer resolution
Now, researchers at MIT say they have found ways of making defect-free patterns of nanocrystal films where the shape and position of the films are controlled with nanoscale resolution, potentially opening up a significant area for research and possible ...
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Sensor detects glucose in saliva and tears for diabetes testing
... Anurag Kumar led the project, working with Timothy Fisher, a Purdue professor of mechanical engineering; D. Marshall Porterfield, a professor of agricultural and biological engineering; and other researchers at the university's Birck Nanotechnology ...
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thumbnailNanotechnology in Personalized Medicine
The field of medicine will be amongst the most affected by the rise of nanotechnology, as it coincides with our increasing understanding of biology and medicine on the molecular scale. Nanostructures, which are of a suitable size scale to interact ...
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Nanotech business

Industrial Nanotech's Nansulate Coatings to be Used in Caribbean Marketplace ...
Industrial Nanotech, a provider of energy conserving solutions based on nanotechnology, has reported that its patented Nansulate translucent thermal insulation and protective coating will be utilized for skylight insulation in the recently awarded ...
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MEMS Executive Congress US 2012
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PowerMEMS 2012
2012-12-02 - 2012-12-05
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The 12th International Workshop on Micro and Nanotechnology for Power Generation and Energy Conversion Applications
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2013-02-02 - 2013-02-07
San Francisco CA
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