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MEMS technology

MEMS accelerometer sensor from MaruLSI embeds Kilopass NVM XPM IP
Kilopass Technology has announced that its XPM (eXtra Permanent Memory) IP is designed into a new integrated circuit for a micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) accelerometer sensor targeting portable devices and tablets. MaruLSI Ltd., a fabless ...
yesterday EE Herald - MEMS technology
Continuous Indoor Positioning: GNSS, Wi-Fi, and MEMS Dead ...
The SiRFstarV location chip with SiRFusion combines A-GPS and A-GLONASS advances with Wi-Fi positioning and dead reckoning using low-cost micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) sensors. Smartphones, tablets ...
GPS World staff yesterday - MEMS technology
9-Axis MEMS Sensor outputs acceleration and geomagnetic data.
The BMX055 is fully supported by Bosch Sensortec's sensor fusion software FusionLib, which leverages the company's deep know-how of its proprietary MEMS sensor technologies. The FusionLib Software combines the sensor data outputs and generates ...
today ThomasNet Industrial News Room - MEMS technology
New technology to help speed analysis, improve diagnosis of illness
Inside the chip, the fluids and dry components of the sample are separated, launching a number of reactions that take place in a series of tiny channels without any need for pumps or valves; i.e. high-level microfluidics. The results are read out ...
today Phys.Org - MEMS technology
thumbnailDARPA looking for help in merging soldiers' sensors into single device
In an effort to simplify the myriad sensors carried by soldiers to detect threats, DARPA is looking for technology that would merge them into a single, lightweight, networked, multifunction device that could be mounted on a helmet or gun. DARPA said it ...
today Government Security News - MEMS technology

MEMS business

Market expands for MEMS pressure sensors in Medical Electronics
The market for microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) used as pressure sensors in medical electronics is set to grow 7 percent this year, aided by the use of disposable devices as well as respiratory monitoring, according to IHS. November 06 2012, 3:00 ...
today - MEMS business
EV Group Commands Leadership Position in MEMS Market
6, 2012 -- /PRNewswire/ -- EV Group (EVG), a leading supplier of wafer bonding and lithography equipment for the MEMS, nanotechnology and semiconductor markets, today highlighted a succession of milestones in the MEMS arena, where the company ...
today Sacramento Bee - MEMS business


Nanotechnology helps to visualize latent fingerprints
Scientists have introduced a new method developed specifically for use on paper. It produces a 'negative' of the fingerprint and is, in contrast to conventional methods, independent of the composition of the sweat residue left ...
yesterday - Nanotechnology
thumbnailAnti-counterfeiting with DNA nanotechnology
Recent developments in nanotechnology have enabled significant improvement in the field of anti-counterfeiting measures. One company for instance is working on fluorescent nanostructures to improve banknote security; another one has developed DNA ...
today Nanowerk LLC - Nanotechnology
thumbnailNanoscale Sensors Built from High Frequency BAW Resonators Negate ...
Over the last decade there has been an increased interest in developing resonators for gravitmetric sensing; however, the sensors' response to variations in temperature has prevented them from being used outside the laboratory. New sensors developed by ...
today - Nanotechnology
thumbnailCrystals Pump and Extract Heat on the Nanoscale
Researchers at the Carnegie Institution have discovered a new efficient way to pump heat using crystals. The crystals can pump or extract heat, even on the nanoscale, so they could be used on computer chips to prevent overheating or even meltdown ...
today - Nanotechnology
thumbnailPlasmonic Nanolasers Shrink Down to Size of a Virus
When lasers start getting down to the nanoscale, they run up against the diffraction limit where the size of the laser cannot be smaller than the wavelength of light it emits. But researchers have shown that nanoscale plasmonic lasers can reach an ...
today IEEE Spectrum - Nanotechnology

Nanotech business

XG Sciences and Oak Ridge National Laboratory Launch - Nanowerk
XG Sciences and Oak Ridge National Laboratory Launch Joint-Development Program for Advanced Titanium/Graphene Composite Materials. Titanium is an important structural material for a variety of industrial, commercial, and military applications due to its light weight, high strength, and corrosion resistance ...
today - Nanotech business
European boost for DNA nanotechnology
The new graduate school is called the European School of DNA Nanotechnology (EScoDNA), and it has been awarded approximately EUR 4 million as an Initial Training Network (ITN) under the European Commission's Marie Curie Actions research ...
today Nanowerk LLC - Nanotech business
NanoMalaysia, IBM to Collaborate on Nanotechnology Design
NanoMalaysia chairman Prof Emeritus Datuk Dr Zawawi Ismail said this strategic cooperation would leverage world-class technology and expertise from IBM, complementing Malaysia's nanotechnology ecosystem. “This will go a long way to raise the bar on ...
today Nanowerk LLC - Nanotech business
thumbnailStar power helps fast track nanotechnology invention
It's an exciting time for Brampton, Ont.-based Hy-Power Nano, a startup in the growing nanotechnology space, and there's a lot more to come, said Joseph Grzyb, the company's chief executive. This summer the one-year-old company launched its first ...
yesterday Financial Post - Nanotech business

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PowerMEMS 2012
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2012-12-03 - 2012-12-03
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3-D Architectures for Semiconductor Integration and Packaging Conference
2012-12-12 - 2012-12-14
Sofitel San Francisco Bay, Redwood City, CA
MEMS TechZone and Conference Session at 2013 International CES
2013-01-08 - 2013-01-11
Las Vegas, Nevada
LVCC, South Hall 2, Booth 25321
SPIE Photonics West 2013
2013-02-02 - 2013-02-07
San Francisco CA
The Conference and Marketplace for the Photonics, Biophotonics, and Laser Industry
SPIE Advanced Lithography 2013
2013-02-24 - 2013-02-28
San Jose, CA
The world's premier semiconductor lithography conference and exhibition
BioMedical MEMS and Sensors 2013
2013-04-16 - 2013-04-18
Cleveland, OH
MEMS technologies for biomedical applications
MicroManufacturing Conference & Exhibits
2013-04-16 - 2013-04-17
Hilton Minneapolis, MN
Nanotech Conference & Expo
2013-05-12 - 2013-05-15
Washington DC
Design Automation Conference (DAC) 2013
2013-06-02 - 2013-06-06
Austin, Texas
Celebrating 50 Years !
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2013-06-05 - 2013-06-06
Rosemont, IL
Sensing Technologies Driving Tomorrow's Solutions

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