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MEMS technology

From Feynman to Smartphones and on to nanotechnology | EDN
Ajith Amerasekera, TI Fellow and Business unit researcher at TI, gave an insightful keynote at MEMS Executive Congress this year entitled “Ultra Low Power Electronics in the Next Decade” He mentions how the MEMS idea ...
2012-11-10 - MEMS technology
thumbnailThree-dimensional stress analysis simulator for ultra-small silicon devices
... and others, Nanoscale Characterization and Processing Research Group, the Nanoelectronics Research Institute of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), have developed a three-dimensional stress analysis ...
today Nanowerk LLC - MEMS technology
Pedometers play up every step you take
Using MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) technology, the technology in very small devices, Striiv is among the companies making pedometers that are smarter and contain no moving parts. "It's the next generation," said Dave Wang, chief executive of ...
today Reuters - MEMS technology
Freescale Introduces Electromechanical System Accelerometer
Freescale Semiconductor introduced a new micro-electromechanical system accelerometer featuring ultra-low power consumption and a simple plug-and-play approach to tilt threshold detection for use in physical tamper protection for smart meter ...
yesterday ElectroIQ - MEMS technology
Xsens partners with ST to demonstrate wearable wireless 3D body motion tracking
Xsens, the leading innovator in 3D motion tracking technology and products, is partnering with STMicroelectronics to demonstrate the world's first wearable wireless 3D body motion tracking system based on consumer-grade MEMS combo sensors at ...
yesterday EE Times - MEMS technology

MEMS business

thumbnailNew applicaitons, markets to drive MEMS market growth
At the MEMS Executive Congress US 2012 held on November 8, analysts from research firms including Gartner, IHS iSuppli, Semico Research and Yole Developpement gathered to discuss trends, challenges and opportunities which will shape the future of ...
yesterday Digitimes - MEMS business
Imec Expands Collaboration with TEL on Next-generation Memory
Imec announced today that Tokyo Electron (TEL), a leading supplier of semiconductor production equipment and imec have further extended their collaboration. The new agreement comprises joint R&D on advanced STT-MRAM ...
yesterday - MEMS business


Innovative medical nanotechnology textiles eliminates bacteria
This was an outcome of the SONO ('A pilot line of antibacterial and antifungal medical textiles based on a sonochemical process') project, which is funded under the 'Nanosciences, nanotechnologies, materials and new production technologies' (NMP) Theme ...
today Nanowerk LLC - Nanotechnology
Sub-nanometer electron-beam engineering of graphene
The foundation of nanotechnology research on graphene and other materials is the fact that, thanks to recent technological advances, scientists now have tools to observe materials one atom at a time, including sensitive ones such as graphene which is only one atom thick.
today - Nanotechnology
'Strain tuning' reveals promise in nanoscale manufacturing
The strain-tuning the team demonstrated has implications in the nanoscale fabrication of controlled, self-assembled nanostructures of multiple elements, with properties suitable for a range of electrical and electronic applications, including ...
today Phys.Org - Nanotechnology
Team demonstrates new hybrid nanomaterial for power generation
The team used the nanomaterial to build a prototype thermoelectric generator that they hope can eventually produce milliwatts of power. Paired with microchips, the technology could be used in devices such as self-powering sensors, low-power electronic ...
today Phys.Org - Nanotechnology
Physics team demonstrates new power generation technique with a hybrid ...
In October, the journal Nanotechnology published a paper on the work called "Optical and thermal response of single-walled carbon nanotube–copper sulfide nanoparticle hybrid nanomaterials ". In it, researchers also say also found that they could ...
today Nanowerk LLC - Nanotechnology
thumbnailSub-nanometer electron-beam engineering of graphene
(Nanowerk Spotlight) The foundation of nanotechnology research on graphene and other materials is the fact that, thanks to recent technological advances, scientists now have tools to observe materials one atom at a time, including sensitive ones such ...
today Nanowerk LLC - Nanotechnology
thumbnailInitial steps toward commercial fabrication of carbon nanotubes
"Carbon nanotubes, borne out of chemistry, have largely been laboratory curiosities as far as microelectronic applications are concerned. We are attempting the first steps towards a technology by fabricating carbon nanotube transistors within a ...
yesterday Printed Electronics World - Nanotechnology
thumbnailMini Mover and Shaker: Single-Molecule "Engine" Vibrates Macro Object
Such resonances, he adds, could be useful in building nanoscale motors driven by single molecules or other tiny objects, whose haphazard fluctuations could be harnessed to produce coordinated motion. Reprints and Permissions » · Tweet · submit to ...
2012-11-09 Scientific American - Nanotechnology
Scientists produce efficient nanocatalysts for methane partial oxidation
Researchers from Tarbiat Modarres University and Research Institute of Petroleum Industry developed the technical know-how for the process of dry combination conversion and methane partial oxidation by synthesizing perovskite nanocatalysts through sol-gel method.
yesterday - Nanotechnology
'Strain tuning' reveals promise in nanoscale manufacturing | Science ...
OAK RIDGE, Tenn., Nov. 12, 2012 – Researchers at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory have reported progress in fabricating advanced materials at the nanoscale. The spontaneous self-assembly of ...
News today - Nanotechnology

Nanotech business

Pioneering University Spinoff in Nanomedicine Raises 14.2 Million Euros in IPO
(Nanowerk News) More than a decade ago, while conducting research at the University at Buffalo, Laurent Levy committed himself to a field that other scientists were just starting to understand: nanomedicine, the use of nanotechnology to address ...
today Nanowerk LLC - Nanotech business

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SPIE Photonics West 2013
This important conference explores how MEMS and MOEMS will enable the mass-produced miniaturized products and integrated systems of the future. Submit an abstract on your microfluidics, MEMs, MOEMs, micro-optics, adaptive optics research.

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Where is the love for MEMS?
Online 11:30 AM ET, 8:30 AM PT
Presented by: Karen Lightman, managing director, MEMS Industry Group
PowerMEMS 2012
2012-12-02 - 2012-12-05
Atlanta, Georgia
The 12th International Workshop on Micro and Nanotechnology for Power Generation and Energy Conversion Applications
MEMS in Medical Devices
2012-12-03 - 2012-12-03
San Jose, CA
3-D Architectures for Semiconductor Integration and Packaging Conference
2012-12-12 - 2012-12-14
Sofitel San Francisco Bay, Redwood City, CA
MEMS TechZone and Conference Session at 2013 International CES
2013-01-08 - 2013-01-11
Las Vegas, Nevada
LVCC, South Hall 2, Booth 25321
SPIE Photonics West 2013
2013-02-02 - 2013-02-07
San Francisco CA
The Conference and Marketplace for the Photonics, Biophotonics, and Laser Industry
SPIE Advanced Lithography 2013
2013-02-24 - 2013-02-28
San Jose, CA
The world's premier semiconductor lithography conference and exhibition
BioMedical MEMS and Sensors 2013
2013-04-16 - 2013-04-18
Cleveland, OH
MEMS technologies for biomedical applications
MicroManufacturing Conference & Exhibits
2013-04-16 - 2013-04-17
Hilton Minneapolis, MN
Nanotech Conference & Expo
2013-05-12 - 2013-05-15
Washington DC
Design Automation Conference (DAC) 2013
2013-06-02 - 2013-06-06
Austin, Texas
Celebrating 50 Years !
Sensors Expo and Conference
2013-06-05 - 2013-06-06
Rosemont, IL
Sensing Technologies Driving Tomorrow's Solutions

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