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MEMS technology

Electronica: Siemens and ams design novel medical imager
The Asic uses through silicon via (TSV) technology to allow a low-noise analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) to be placed very close to the photodiode detector. The chip has been designed for Siemens to be used in its Stellar CT photo-detector module ...
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Monitoring stresses on wafers during fabrication
IT IS now possible to measure physical changes in silicon while it is being processed into microelectronic devices, which could help improve fabrication techniques for even smaller circuits. Semiconductor fabs are always looking to push the physical ...
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thumbnailFiltering cancerous cells from your blood, with jellyfish-inspired DNA tentacles
The holy grail for treating “liquid tumors,” or cancers comprised of circulating blood cells, is to fish them out with some sort of microfluidic sieve. Microfluidic devices have achieved broad biomedical application in recent times as convenient ...
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Nextreme Expands Thermal Management Product Line with New eTEC MA Series
DURHAM, N.C.–Nextreme Thermal Solutions, the leader in micro-scale thermal management and power generation solutions, today announced a new series of thin-film thermoelectric modules that offer higher cooling capacity, robust mechanical design and ...
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The OpenFlow API runs on the S320's MEMS Switching Module (MSM), a high-availability switching and control subsystem with redundant control processors and a Linux-based operating system. In data centers, the 320-port (full duplex) S320 creates ...
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DigitalOptics Corporation to Focus on Core MEMS Camera Module Business
(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Tessera Technologies, Inc. (NAS: TSRA) (the "Company") today announced its wholly owned subsidiary, DigitalOptics Corporation™ ("DOC") will focus its efforts on its core MEMS camera module business, which targets the large and ...
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thumbnailDolomite launches the new Porous Media Chip providing rapid advances in ...
For further information on Dolomite's range of microfluidic chips as well as a complete portfolio of microfluidic products including chips, connectors/ interconnects, valves and custom devices please visit ####. About ...
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Advantest Introduces New Wafer MVM-SEM Tool E3310
Leading measurement instrument supplier Advantest Corporation (TSE: 6857, NYSE: ATE) has introduced its new Multi-Vision Metrology Scanning Electron Microscope, the Wafer MVM-SEM E3310, which measures fine-pitch patterns on a wide range of wafer types with unparalleled accuracy, utilizing Advantest's proprietary electron beam scanning technology.
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Advantest Develops EB Lithography System for 1Xnm Node
Advantest Corporation today announced that it has developed a new EB (electron beam) lithography system, the F7000, with superior resolution performance meeting the requirements for 1Xnm technology nodes.
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thumbnail7 Amazing Ways Nanotechnology Is Changing The World
“Everything, when miniaturized to the sub-100-nanometer scale, has new properties, regardless of what it is,” says Chad Mirkin, professor of chemistry (and materials science, engineering, medicine, biomedical engineering and chemical and biological ...
today Popular Science - Nanotechnology
'Strain Tuning' Reveals Promise in Nanoscale Manufacturing
The strain-tuning the team demonstrated has implications in the nanoscale fabrication of controlled, self-assembled nanostructures of multiple elements, with properties suitable for a range of electrical and electronic applications, including ...
today Lab Manager Laboratory News - Nanotechnology
Clear view into glass - scientists analyze the atomic structure of ...
We can look through glass, but what glass itself looks like on the inside has so far remained a mystery - at least as far as the precise position of the atoms is concerned. Scientists at the Fritz-Haber-Institute of the Max Planck Society in Berlin are now the first to have imaged the network of silicon and oxygen atoms - the main components of glass - in a silica film.
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thumbnailNanoscale diamond tips improve nanomanufacturing
One of the most promising innovations of nanotechnology has been the ability to perform rapid nanofabrication using nanoscale tips. The fabrication speed can be dramatically increased by using heat. High speed and high temperature have been known to ...
today R & D Magazine - Nanotechnology
thumbnailInnovative Nanoscale Polymer Layer Lens Nearly Identical to Human Eye Lens
Drawing heavily upon nature for inspiration, a team of researchers has created a new artificial lens that is nearly identical to the natural lens of the human eye. This innovative lens, which is made up of thousands of nanoscale polymer layers, may one ...
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thumbnailHybrid Nanomaterial Converts Light and Thermal Energy into Electrical Current
A University of Texas at Arlington physics professor has helped create a hybrid nanomaterial that can be used to convert light and thermal energy into electrical current, surpassing earlier methods that used either light or thermal energy, but not both ...
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Paper-Thin Super Material Stops Flying Bullets
Bulletproofing for soldiers and law enforcement officers has lightened up considerably in recent years, but it promises get insanely thin with new nanotechnology coming out of MIT and Rice University. A team of mechanical engineering and materials ...
today Discovery News - Nanotechnology
thumbnailPlastic 'Skin:' New Synthetic Polymer Has Self-Healing Properties
However, all the self-healing polymers demonstrated to date had had very low bulk electrical conductivities and would have been little use in electrical sensors. Writing in Nature Nanotechnology, the researchers detail how they increased the ...
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Nanotech business

Berkeley Design Automation Announces Analog FastSPICE AMS For Nanoscale ...
Berkeley Design Automation Announces Analog FastSPICE AMS For Nanoscale Circuits. (Nanowerk News) Berkeley Design Automation, Inc., provider of the world's fastest nanometer circuit verification, announced the availability of Analog FastSPICE™ AMS ...
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