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MEMS technology

Freescale Unveils Electromechanical System Accelerometer
Freescale Semiconductor introduced a new micro-electromechanical system accelerometer featuring ultra-low power consumption and a simple plug-and-play approach to tilt threshold detection for use in physical tamper protection for smart meter ...
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thumbnailA new technology for semiconductor film production on highly liquid-repellent ...
It is expected that the developed technology would greatly accelerate the research and development of flexible electronic devices, and also that the technology should be applicable to thin-film processing of a wide range of materials. push coating ...
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Physicists create tractor beam for microscopic particles
This so-called optical conveyor tractor beam has a range of potential applications (rendering above)--from microfluidics in the near term to far-out applications like collecting dust samples from comet tails. (—New York University physicists ...
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Advantest Develops EB Lithography System for 1Xnm Node
The F7000 supports substrates of diverse materials, sizes, and shapes, including nanoimprint templates as well as wafers, and is optimized for diverse applications such as advanced LSIs, photonics, MEMS, and other nano-processes. The F7000 will be ...
yesterday Nanowerk LLC - MEMS technology
Laser-Powered Micro-Sailboats Do the Light Fandango
It's still early days, of course, but a better understanding of flocking on the microscopic scale could have important implications for everything from microfluidics to drug delivery. And if you don't have any starlings to watch at dusk, perhaps the ...
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How To Make A Brain-On-A-Chip | Semiconductor Manufacturing ...
Microfluidics deals with the control of fluids in devices. Tiny chip-like devices using microfluidics are used in many applications, such as cell sorting and detection, gene analysis, inkjet print heads, lab-on-a-chip units and ...
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thumbnailBosch shrinks MEMS altimeters
Bosch Sensortec has transferred its portfolio of high-precision automotive MEMS expertise to craft mass-market versions for consumer devices, the latest of which is the world's smallest barometric sensor. Designed for use as an altimeter smart enough ...
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MEMS business

DigitalOptics Cutting Workforce 40%
(DOC) will close its facilities in Tel Aviv, Israel, and cut its workforce outside Asia by up to 40 percent as it focuses on its microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) camera module business for mobile phones, parent company Tessera Technologies Inc.
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thumbnailNew Polymer Lens Uses "GRIN" Technology to Mimic Human Eye
The lens consists of thousands of nanoscale polymer layers stacked on top of each other, which were created using a multilayer film coextrusion technique. This allows each layer to be shaped appropriately according to GRIN. A 4,000-layer film is ...
today DailyTech - Nanotechnology
Nanometer-scale diamond tips improve nano-manufacturing
One of the most promising innovations of nanotechnology has been the ability to perform rapid nanofabrication using nanometer-scale tips. Diamond nano-tip integrated onto the micro-heater of a doped silicon microcantilever. The fabrication speed can be ...
yesterday Product Design & Development - Nanotechnology
Wax-Filled Nanotubes Flex Their Muscles
Baughman suggests that the muscles could be useful for providing power for microfluidics chips, generating precise facial expressions in robots, and providing movement in small toys such as robotic fish in an aquarium. For many other applications—such ...
today Science Now - Nanotechnology
thumbnailNanoscale optical force sensor made with living probes
(Nanowerk Spotlight) Back in the 1970s, Arthur Ashkin of Bell Laboratories found that radiation pressure – the ability of light to exert pressure to move small objects – could be harnessed to constrain small particles (see the original 1970 paper ...
today Nanowerk LLC - Nanotechnology
Controlling heat flow through a nanostructure
Thermoelectric devices, which can harness temperature differences to produce electricity, might be made more efficient thanks to new research on heat propagation through structures called superlattices. The new findings show, unexpectedly, that heat can travel like waves, rather than particles, through these nanostructures ...
today - Nanotechnology
thumbnailNanomaterial Can Stop a Speeding Bullet, Strengthen Soldiers' Body Armor
Researchers at a Rice University lab are researching technology that that could potentially stop a 9-millimeter bullet and seal the entryway behind it — an advance that may have huge implications for ballistic protection for soldiers, as well as other ...
today ABC News (blog) - Nanotechnology
thumbnailWax-filled nanotechnology yarn behaves like powerful, super-strong muscle (w ...
(Nanowerk News) New artificial muscles made from nanotech yarns and infused with paraffin wax can lift more than 100,000 times their own weight and generate 85 times more mechanical power than the same size natural muscle, according to scientists at ...
today Nanowerk LLC - Nanotechnology
Key property of graphene sustained over wide ranges of density and energy
(—A collaboration led by researchers from the NIST Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology has shown for the first time that charge carriers in graphene continue to behave as massless particles, like photons, over wider ranges of both ...
today Phys.Org - Nanotechnology
High Brightness Tetrapod Quantum Dots Developed
Millions of laboratory tests and biological assays are conducted every year to explore cellular processes. Quantum Materials Corporation has now developed tetrapod quantum dots, improved fluorescent markers that can more effectively gain knowledge of how body systems function and chronic conditions and diseases such as cancer metabolize and impact health and longevity.
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Nanotech business

Xanofi Announces First Commercial XanoShear Nanofiber Machine ...
Xanofi, a nanotech company specializing in nanofiber applications, announces a new platform for nanofiber production with their commercial XanoShear™ machine. The world’s first production unit is now fully operational and currently being optimized for high yield production.
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Design Automation Conference (DAC) 2013
The Design Automation Conference (DAC) is celebrating 50 years as the leading technical conference and tradeshow on electronic design automation, embedded systems and software. DAC features 175+ exhibits and 300+ presentations covering the latest in design methodologies, embedded software and EDA tool developments. Register now!

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MEMS technologies for biomedical applications
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