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MEMS technology

thumbnailBioengineers Unveil New Scaffold to Repair Damaged Corneas
The University of Sheffield holds a patent on the new microfabrication process. Dr. Ortega Asencio is supported by a research fellowship from the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. Dr. Sheardown has received grants from the ...
2013-01-09 Medscape - MEMS technology
Biochip vortex spins to sort bacteria by size
An electric field is applied, combining with the laser's heating action to circulate the fluid in a “microfluidic vortex,” whirling mini-maelstroms one-tenth the width of a human hair that work like a centrifuge to isolate specific types of particles ...
today Futurity: Research News - MEMS technology
thumbnailInternational CES a trip into future
These companies also will be providing "smart" electronic safety systems based on integrated cameras, ultrasonic sensors, laser-based radar and multiple types of micro electromechanical sensors. General Motors continued to roll out plug-in electric ...
today Las Vegas Review - Journal - MEMS technology
thumbnailNew polymer harvests energy from water vapor
This system can generate an average power of 5.6 nanowatts, which can be stored in capacitors to power ultra-low-power microelectronic devices, such as temperature and humidity sensors. The material can also be used to generate electricity on a larger ...
today TG Daily - MEMS technology
thumbnailLAS Modules for Metallographic Applications
10, 2013 — Leica Microsystems GmbH has released LAS 4.2, the latest version of its Leica Application Suite (LAS) digital imaging software. The range of metallographic applications has been extended with two additions: Leica Decarburisation Expert and ...
yesterday - MEMS technology
Creating smarter infrastructure
The device developed by the CSIC team addresses these issues by basing their harvester on a phenomenon known as parametric resonance. The energy harvesting device can be realised as a micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) device, consisting of a ...
today Phys.Org - MEMS technology
Good vibrations from MEMS based energy harvester
A team from the University of Cambridge's Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction has developed a mechanical amplifier that can convert ambient vibrations into electricity more effectively. The device is thought have applications in condition ...
yesterday New Electronics - MEMS technology

MEMS business

Smartphone Watersafe Nanotechnology Company Liquipel Partners with ...
Liquipel LLC, the industry leader in Watersafe™ technology, and entrepreneur Pharrell Williams, in conjunction with William Morris Endeavor (WME), today announced a partnership to cross-promote each other's brands and lines of business. Details of the ...
2013-01-09 - MEMS business
MousCES 2013: Mouser and Murata Partner to Showcase 3D MEMS Sensor ...
Mouser Electronics, Inc. and Murata have teamed up at this week's International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, demonstrating the newest Murata technology, including high-performance MEMS sensors in a sleek 1/10th scale ...
today AZoSensors - MEMS business
Linear Dimensions Semiconductor Inc. Jolts MEMS Industry at CES Las Vegas ...
Linear Dimensions Semiconductor Inc. today introduces the industry's lowest power, smallest form factor line of high voltage multiple channel MEMsiics(R) devices, enabling the driving and interface of emerging microelectromechanical machine products.
yesterday Virtual-Strategy Magazine (press release) - MEMS business


thumbnailNew nanotechnology fiber: Robust handling, shocking performance (w/video)
(Nanowerk News) Rice University's latest nanotechnology breakthrough was more than 10 years in the making, but it still came with a shock. Scientists from Rice, the Dutch firm Teijin Aramid, the U.S. Air Force and Israel's Technion Institute this week ...
yesterday Nanowerk LLC - Nanotechnology
Technology Firm DryWired To Distribute Patented Protective ...
DryWired, a Los Angeles based technology firm and the leading licensee of a revolutionary European protective nano-coating technology launched this week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 in Las Vegas, NV. The innovative nano-coating is non-toxic, invisible, and undetectable to touch and allows virtually any coated surface to be resistant to water, corrosion, and the growth of bacteria.
yesterday - Nanotechnology
thumbnailAnother tool in the nanotechnology toolbox: Scientists use electron beam to ...
(Nanowerk News) Nanotechnology, the manipulation of matter at the atomic and molecular scale, holds great promise for everything from incredibly fast computers to chemical sensors that can sniff out cancer cells. But how does one go about building a ...
yesterday Nanowerk LLC - Nanotechnology
thumbnailEngineers in nanospace
Ian Papautsky, CEAS associate professor, leads a UC team of researchers who are currently investigating microfluidics. The team uses “inertial microfluidics” to continuously and selectively collect rare cells, such as circulating tumor cells, based on ...
today Nanowerk LLC - Nanotechnology
thumbnailHow nanotechnology allows to treat heat like light
How nanotechnology allows to treat heat like light. (Nanowerk News) An MIT researcher has developed a technique that provides a new way of manipulating heat, allowing it to be controlled much as light waves can be manipulated by lenses and mirrors.
yesterday Nanowerk LLC - Nanotechnology

Featured Event

SPIE Photonics West 2013
This important conference explores how MEMS and MOEMS will enable the mass-produced miniaturized products and integrated systems of the future. Submit an abstract on your microfluidics, MEMs, MOEMs, micro-optics, adaptive optics research.

Event Calendar

Innovations in RF MEMS: from the University to Industry
Webinar 11:30 a.m. EST
Presented by: Prof Mina Rais-Zadeh, WIMS2 UMICH.
SPIE Photonics West 2013
2013-02-02 - 2013-02-07
San Francisco CA
The Conference and Marketplace for the Photonics, Biophotonics, and Laser Industry
SPIE Advanced Lithography 2013
2013-02-24 - 2013-02-28
San Jose, CA
The world's premier semiconductor lithography conference and exhibition
MIG MEMS Executive Congress Europe 2013
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Co-located with Smart Systems Integration 2013
BioMedical MEMS and Sensors 2013
2013-04-16 - 2013-04-18
Cleveland, OH
MEMS technologies for biomedical applications
MicroManufacturing Conference & Exhibits
2013-04-16 - 2013-04-17
Hilton Minneapolis, MN
MIG M2M Forum
2013-05-08 - 2013-05-09
Boston, MA
The annual members' meeting of MEMS Industry Group.
Nanotech Conference & Expo
2013-05-12 - 2013-05-15
Washington DC
Mid-Atlantic Micro/Nano Alliance Spring Symposium
NIST, Gaithersburg MD
"Microsystems Technology: Fulfilling the Promise"
Design Automation Conference (DAC) 2013
2013-06-02 - 2013-06-06
Austin, Texas
Celebrating 50 Years !
Sensors Expo and Conference
2013-06-05 - 2013-06-06
Rosemont, IL
Sensing Technologies Driving Tomorrow's Solutions
MIG MEMS Executive Congress U.S.
2013-11-07 - 2013-11-08
Napa, CA
Meet your next customer at MEMS Executive Congress!

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