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MEMS technology

University of Exeter researchers develop graphene photoelectric device
The fabrication of the actual photosensitive interface uses standard micro-fabrication techniques so is compatible with standard semiconductor processes. A number of industrial partners are currently involved in the commercialization of the GraphExeter ...
yesterday +Plastic Electronics - MEMS technology
thumbnail3D microfluidic liver on a chip
The liver contains two kinds of cells. 80% are hepatocytes and the remaining 20% are non-parenchymal cells, including hepatic stellate cells (HSCs). HSCs work with hepatocytes when the liver is damaged, playing a vital role in liver regeneration ...
yesterday Chemistry World - MEMS technology
thumbnailPI releases New Low-Cost Motion-Amplified Piezo Actuator - PRWeb
Providing a large displacement of 300µm in a very small package of only 20x13x4mm, the actuator was optimized for OEM instrumentation applications in fields such as precision-optics, life-sciences, medical design, bio/nano-technology and microfluidics ...
yesterday PR Web (press release) - MEMS technology
Researchers Use DVD Burner to Fabricate Microcapacitors
... of chemistry and biochemistry, and Maher El-Kady, a graduate student in his lab, have come up with a way to use a DVD burner to fabricate micro-scale graphene-based supercapacitors that can be used in medical devices like next-generation pacemakers.
yesterday Design News - MEMS technology
thumbnailCoto Technology Launches Red Rock MEMS-Based Magnetic Reed Switch
... small signal switching solutions to the worldwide electronics industry for over 90 years, has announced here at the Design West Conference the availability of its RedRock™ RS-A-2515 Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS)-based magnetic reed switch.
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MEMS business

PGXL and Silicon Biosystems Collaborate to Offer Clinical Research Services ...
The company manufactures and sells the DEPArray platform, a lab-on-a-chip technology able to isolate and manipulate cells in suspension with a microelectronic array. The approach, patented by Silicon Biosystems, offers the unique ability to control ...
today Fort Mills Times - MEMS business
Dow Corning Sees Projected Global Growth of LED Lighting Linked to Adoption ...
The superior moldability of silicones enables LED architectures with more complex shapes, micro-scale optical structures, undercuts and thinner wall configurations that would be difficult or impossible to fabricate with either organic polymers or glass.
yesterday Business Wire (press release) - MEMS business
Global IC foundry market rises 16% in 2012, says Gartner - DigiTimes
... the more mature nodes, with some foundries reporting near-record-high shipments of wafers of 65nm to 0.18-micron serving power management ICs, high-voltage and embedded flash, CMOS image sensors, and micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS).
today Digitimes - MEMS business


Roadmap for the application of nanotechnologies to marine energy
The energy sector is currently facing important technological challenges, not only to incorporate renewable energies but also to modify and make the entire energy production and distribution system more efficient.
today - Nanotechnology
thumbnailCarbon-based nanotechnology materials for biomedical engineering - Nanowerk
(Nanowerk Spotlight) Carbon nanomaterials such as nanotubes or graphene not only are widely researched for their potential uses in industrial applications, they also are of great interest to biomedical engineers working on nanotechnology applications.
today Nanowerk LLC - Nanotechnology
thumbnailNanofibers Build Stronger, Tougher Bikes and Planes
Just because something's tough doesn't mean it's strong. In fact, finding materials that are both tough and strong is one of the biggest obstacles facing those who design everything from bridges to bicycles and bullet-proof vests. But a new nanofiber ...
yesterday - Nanotechnology
Engineers generate world-record millimeter-wave output power from ...
A team of electrical engineers from Columbia University has generated a record amount of power output—by a power of five—using silicon-based nanoscale CMOS technology for millimeter-wave power amplifiers. Power ...
lhock today - Nanotechnology
thumbnailNanotechnology for future energy efficient automotive electronics - Nanowerk
(Nanowerk News) Researchers at Tyndall National Institute at UCC in Cork, Ireland are leading an international project in advanced nanoelectronics which is aimed at maintaining Europe's position as a world leader in innovative automotive power ...
today Nanowerk LLC - Nanotechnology
Sean Lahman: There's a great future in graphene
Robert Anstey of Graphene Devices recently won the Rochester Regional Business Plan Contest, and is among several researchers trying to develop new uses for graphene, a carbon nanomaterial. / CARLOS ORTIZ/Staff file photo ...
today Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - Nanotechnology

Featured Event

International Microwave Symposium (IMS)
The IEEE MTT International Microwave Symposium is the premier annual international meeting for technologists involved in all aspects of microwave theory and practice. It consists of a full week of events, including technical paper presentations, workshops, and tutorials, as well as a full set of social events. The symposium also hosts a huge commercial exhibition, organized by MP Associates.

Event Calendar

Workshop on Nanomechanical Sensing
2013-05-01 - 2013-05-03
Stanford, CA
MIG M2M Forum
2013-05-08 - 2013-05-09
Boston, MA
The annual members' meeting of MEMS Industry Group.
Nanotech Conference & Expo
2013-05-12 - 2013-05-15
Washington DC
Mid-Atlantic Micro/Nano Alliance Spring Symposium
NIST, Gaithersburg MD
"Microsystems Technology: Fulfilling the Promise"
11th Annual MEPTEC MEMS Technology Symposium
San Jose, CA
MEMS-enabled e-health revolution !
Workshop on Nano and Micro Manufacturing
2013-05-22 - 2013-05-23
Dearborn, MI
Nano and micro workshop concentrating on end users and manufacturers
MEMS Business Forum 2013
San Jose, CA
ECTC 2013 (Electronic Components and Technology Conference)
2013-05-28 - 2013-05-31
Las Vegas, NV
EIPBN (3-Beams) Conference
2013-05-28 - 2013-05-31
Nashville, TN
Design Automation Conference (DAC) 2013
2013-06-02 - 2013-06-06
Austin, Texas
Celebrating 50 Years !
International Microwave Symposium (IMS)
2013-06-02 - 2013-06-07
Seattle, Washington
Join top engineers and scientists in the RF & Microwave Field at IMS!
Sensors Expo and Conference
2013-06-05 - 2013-06-06
Rosemont, IL
Sensing Technologies Driving Tomorrow's Solutions
Transducers 2013 & Eurosensors XXVII
2013-06-16 - 2013-06-20
Barcelona, Spain
The 17th International Conference on Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems
AVS 60th International Symposium & Exhibition
2013-10-27 - 2013-11-01
Long Beach, CA
MicroTAS 2013
2013-10-27 - 2013-10-31
Freiburg, Germany
The 17th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences
MIG MEMS Executive Congress U.S.
2013-11-07 - 2013-11-08
Napa, CA
Meet your next customer at MEMS Executive Congress!
SPIE Photonics West 2014
2014-02-01 - 2014-02-06
San Francisco, CA

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