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STMicroelectronics Unveils New Pressure Sensor Technology
GENEVA, Jul 30, 2013 (Marketwired via COMTEX) -- STMicroelectronics (NYSE:STM) , a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, the world's top MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) manufacturer, ...
yesterday MarketWatch - MEMS technology
thumbnailSauer-Danfoss CSS1000 Slope Sensor Delivers Superior Slope Signal
Sauer-Danfoss is pleased to announce the PLUS+1-compliant CSS1000 slope sensor, a dual-axis slope sensor featuring state-of-the-art MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical-System) technology. The CAN 2.0 B-compliant device intelligently cancels out ...
today Design World Network - MEMS technology
thumbnailEUV vs TSV: Which one will become production ready first?
It is not the purpose of this blog to go over the reasons why the roadmaps of EUV and TSV missed the time table by miles, nor to blame anybody for it. There are many articles and discussions published on the subjects. Rather, I will touch on some of ...
today ElectroIQ - MEMS technology
5 Ways to Track In-Store Customer Behavior
To provide more exact tracking, retailers can use the microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) chip on a smartphone. MEMS data uses the accelerometer and gyroscope within a smartphone or tablet to show the exact angle, direction and position of the ...
today CIO - MEMS technology
A micro-optical method for thwarting counterfeiting
The manufacturing process has been developed by Victor Cardarso and J├╝rgen Brugger at the Microsystems Laboratory. They use equipment specifically designed for nanostructures. The base layer patterns are made with a thin layer of gold. For the upper ...
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MEMS business

Karen Savala to Keynote MEPTEC 2013 Symposium
With the topic "The Collaboration Engine: Enabling Innovation in Microelectronics", Savala will talk about how the most significant innovations in the microelectronic industry have been made possible not only by scientific breakthroughs and discoveries ...
today PCBDesign007 - MEMS business
Light and proximity sensors achieve double-digit revenue growth, says IHS
Meanwhile, the top sensor suppliers are Austrian-based ams via its Taos unit in Texas, which supplies to Apple; and Capella Microsystems from Taiwan, the top light sensor supplier to Samsung. Together the two manufacturers furnish more than half of the ...
today Digitimes - MEMS business
thumbnailMEMS New Product Development: The importance of product validation
David DiPaola is managing director for DiPaola Consulting a company focused on engineering and management solutions for electromechanical systems, sensors and MEMS products. A 17-year veteran of the field, he has brought many products from ...
today ElectroIQ - MEMS business
thumbnailResearch and Markets: MEMS for Cell Phones and Tablets Report 2013 - Market ...
MEMS devices are proliferating in mobile devices. We count 25+ sensors and actuators in production or in development for mobile applications, including MEMS accelerometers, MEMS gyroscopes, magnetometers, 6-axis e-compasses, 6-axis IMU combos, ...
yesterday SYS-CON Media (press release) - MEMS business
Ultratech/Cambridge NanoTech Moves to New State-of-the-Art Facility in ...
This technology is expected to be in high demand in volume manufacturing environments for integrated optics, micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMs), implantable devices in the biomedical sector and batteries and fuel cells in the energy market ...
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thumbnailLawrence Livermore engineering team makes breakthrough in solar energy ...
The use of plasmonic black metals could someday provide a pathway to more efficient photovoltaics (PV) -- the use of solar panels containing photovoltaic solar cells -- to improve solar energy harvesting, according to researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL).
yesterday Nanotechnology News (press release) - Nanotechnology
thumbnailWaterproof your iPhone 5 or Galaxy S4 with new NeverWet nanotechnology
Luckily, for those who have endured such a saga, there is an affordable nanotechnology that has been developed by Ross Nanotechnology, and claims to make gadgets waterproof - even if they don't have the tech already built in like the Sony Xperia Z ...
yesterday ITProPortal - Nanotechnology
thumbnailNanotechnology researchers discover universal law for light absorption in 2D ...
(Nanowerk News) From solar cells to optoelectronic sensors to lasers and imaging devices, many of today's semiconductor technologies hinge upon the absorption of light. Absorption is especially critical for nano-sized structures at the interface ...
today Nanowerk - Nanotechnology
thumbnailTetrapod Quantum Dots Enable Precise Measurement of Polymer Fiber's Tensile ...
... Scientists Discover Photovoltages in Ferroelectrics Materials Using Bismuth Ferrite Ultrathin Films · Researchers Develop Graphene Metamaterial-Based Micro-Scale Device · Researchers Introduce Hard X-ray Angle-Resolved PhotoEmission Spectroscopy ...
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Call for Papers for SPIE MOEMS-MEMS, part of SPIE Photonics West, on the latest optical MEMs, biomedical MEMs and sensors, microfluidics, MEMs, MOEMs, micro-optics, adaptive optics research. This conference explores how MEMS and MOEMS will enable the mass-produced miniaturized products and integrated systems of the future. SPIE Photonics West, 1 - 6 February 2014, The Moscone Center, San Francisco, California, United States. Learn more at:

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Enabling Nanofabrication for Rapid Innovation
2013-08-18 - 2013-08-21
Napa, CA
Shaping the Future of MEMS & Sensors
Santa Clara, CA
Automotive Sensors & Electronics Expo 2013
Detroit, Michigan
Trillion Sensors Summit
2013-10-23 - 2013-10-25
Stanford, CA
AVS 60th International Symposium & Exhibition
2013-10-27 - 2013-11-01
Long Beach, CA
MicroTAS 2013
2013-10-27 - 2013-10-31
Freiburg, Germany
The 17th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences
MIG MEMS Executive Congress U.S.
2013-11-07 - 2013-11-08
Napa, CA
Meet your next customer at MEMS Executive Congress!
2013 3D ASIP
2013-12-11 - 2013-12-13
Burlingame, CA
3D Architectures for Semiconductor Integration and Packaging
The 27th International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems
2014-01-26 - 2014-01-30
San Francisco, CA
SPIE Photonics West 2014
2014-02-01 - 2014-02-06
San Francisco, CA
SPIE Advanced Lithography 2014
2014-02-23 - 2014-02-27
San Jose, CA

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