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MEMS technology

thumbnailCaffeine 'traffic light': Do you want to know how much caffeine is in your drink?
An automated system by incorporating microfluidics technique developed by the UNIST research team, lab-on-a disc, was applied to extract and to measure caffeine. "Applying lab-on-a-disc technology to real life application with the novel caffeine sensor ...
today Science Codex - MEMS technology
3D Chip Integration Set to Improve Industrial Processes
... in technology development time and precision that hinders industrial output by joining traditional robotic tools with the physics of self-alignment - where tiny chips align due to surface tension of liquid or other physical forces acting at the ...
today PCBDesign007 - MEMS technology
Printable biocompatible MEMS components are ideal for medical devices and ...
MEMS bridge the worlds of electricity and mechanics. They have a variety of applications in consumer electronics, automobiles, and medicine. MEMS sensors, like the accelerometer that orients your smartphone screen vertically or horizontally, gather ...
today Next Big Future - MEMS technology
Harnessing Piezoelectric Energy – An Interview with Fred Pimparel
MicroGen's MPGs are potentially low cost, long lifetime (estimated > 20 years) devices that scavenge otherwise wasted ambient vibration energy able to replace or extend the lifetime of batteries in wireless sensor networks (WSN's) and other ...
today - MEMS technology
SiTime's MEMS Resonators: An alternative to Quartz - Electronics Lab
Steve Taranovich writes: SiTime Corporation has introduced the TempFlat MEMS. Until recently, all MEMS oscillators used compensation circuitry to stabilize the output frequency over temperature. This new design eliminates ...
admin today - MEMS technology
Micro-machines for the human body
For years, MEMS membranes, like other MEMS components, were primarily fabricated from silicon using a set of processes borrowed from the semiconductor industry. TAU's new printing process, published in Microelectronic Engineering and presented at the ...
today Science Codex - MEMS technology
thumbnailIf NASA made face cream: New lotion tests the hydration levels of your skin ...
The microchip contains that same MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) one that in the Curiosity robot currently investigating Mars as part of NASA's Mars Science Laboratory mission. In the same way that Curiosity measures the gases in Mars' ...
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MEMS business

STMicro makes MEMS Technology available
The 0.8-micron, surface micro-machining THELMA (Thick Epitaxial Layer for Micro-gyroscopes and Accelerometers) process combines variably thick and thin poly-silicon layers for structures and interconnections. This enables the integration of linear and ...
yesterday - MEMS business
Potomac Photonics Makes Shadow Masks for MIT Work on Energy Efficient ...
For over 30 years, Potomac Photonics has been a leader in digital fabrication, working in advanced technologies such as microfabrication, 3D Printing, laser marking, and small hole drilling. Potomac's contract services span prototyping to production ...
today PR Web (press release) - MEMS business
Apple largest consumer of MEMS microphones in 2011
Apple Inc. in 2011 became the world's largest purchaser of microelectromechanical system (MEMS) microphones following the tremendous sales growth of iPhones, headsets and most notably iPads, causing the company to surpass Samsung Electronics Co.
yesterday - MEMS business
Driven by Touch-Screen Devices, Haptics Market to Grow 16-Fold to $13.8 ...
Surface coverage haptics like electroactive polymers, electrostatics, and microfluidics, offer a richer user experience by varying the touch sensation across the surface of the device. They have yet to be used in a commercial device, but will arrive in ...
today Technology Digital (press release) - MEMS business
Teardown: Samsung Focus Flash
IHS has identified a radio frequency microelectromechanical system (RF MEMS) device in a new Samsung cellphone, marking the first known use of such a part in a volume-shipping product—and sounding the starting gun for an RF MEMS market that is set ...
yesterday - MEMS business
IPG Photonics acquires Mobius Photonics
Mobius provides high-power pulsed UV fiber lasers for micromachining, such as dicing and scribing of wafers, and VIA drilling and solar hybrid panel processing. “The acquisition of Mobius Photonics will augment our current development efforts in UV ...
yesterday - MEMS business
MemsCam Mimics Lytro, Will Bring 'Take Now, Focus Later' Tech to Smartphones
It does this, all the while taking advantage of the MEMS (microelectromechanical silicone system) technology for which it was named. Long words aside, that basically means that it is significantly smaller, lighter, and less power-hungry than ...
yesterday PetaPixel - MEMS business
NI Technology Announces Updated Outlook for MEMS Market Including ...
This often overlooked technology is known as Micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), and forecasters say it's destined for a continued high-growth curve. MEMS technology is also critical to the delivery of 4G cellular services and is now also used in ...
yesterday Wall Street Journal - MEMS business


thumbnailGrant to support commercialization of nanotechnology to repair skin injuries
He and his colleagues at MIIR, including postdoctoral fellows Dr. Bing Ma and Dr. Jiang Jiang, are using nanotechnology to create scaffolds made of tiny fibers, invisible to the human eye, to be used as skin grafts. According to Xie, their devices also ...
today Nanowerk - Nanotechnology
thumbnailNanotechnology battery design gets boost from aligned carbon nanotubes
Nanotechnology battery design gets boost from aligned carbon nanotubes. (Nanowerk News) Researchers at North Carolina State University have created a new flexible nano-scaffold for rechargeable lithium ion batteries that could help make cell phone and ...
yesterday Nanowerk - Nanotechnology

Nanotech business

Technology Executive to Outline Nano Fabrication Equipment Roadmap
For low and mid volume micro fabrication and prototyping, Maskless Aligner System offers a compelling cost of ownership advantage. The current standard process is to have a photomask made, followed by transferring the pattern to the silicon wafer using ...
today PR Web (press release) - Nanotech business
thumbnailThai National Nanotechnology Center celebrates 10-year anniversary
(Nanowerk News) Ten years have gone by quickly proving the saying that “time and tide wait for no man”. It was on August 13, 2003 that the Thai government approved the setup of the National Nanotechnology Center (NANOTEC) under National Science ...
today Nanowerk - Nanotech business

Featured Event

TSensors Summit
The TSensors Summit is an event being organized as a forum for world sensor visionaries to present their views on which sensor applications and sensor types have potential to fuel sensor market growth to trillions by 2023, and why. Their visions will form a foundation for a Trillion Sensor Roadmap, which sensor experts consider instrumental in acceleration of development and commercialization of sensors supporting global changes in the coming decade, thus accelerating Abundance.

Event Calendar

Enabling Nanofabrication for Rapid Innovation
2013-08-18 - 2013-08-21
Napa, CA
Shaping the Future of MEMS & Sensors
Santa Clara, CA
Automotive Sensors & Electronics Expo 2013
Detroit, Michigan
Trillion Sensors Summit
2013-10-23 - 2013-10-25
Stanford, CA
AVS 60th International Symposium & Exhibition
2013-10-27 - 2013-11-01
Long Beach, CA
MicroTAS 2013
2013-10-27 - 2013-10-31
Freiburg, Germany
The 17th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences
MIG MEMS Executive Congress U.S.
2013-11-07 - 2013-11-08
Napa, CA
Meet your next customer at MEMS Executive Congress!
2013 3D ASIP
2013-12-11 - 2013-12-13
Burlingame, CA
3D Architectures for Semiconductor Integration and Packaging
The 27th International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems
2014-01-26 - 2014-01-30
San Francisco, CA
SPIE Photonics West 2014
2014-02-01 - 2014-02-06
San Francisco, CA
SPIE Advanced Lithography 2014
2014-02-23 - 2014-02-27
San Jose, CA

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