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MEMS technology

thumbnailNorthrop Grumman Demonstrates Micro-Gyro Prototype for DARPA Program
WOODLAND HILLS, Calif., Oct. 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE: NOC) has developed and demonstrated a new micro-Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Gyro (micro-NMRG) prototype for the Defense Advanced Research ...
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Touch Me, Feel Me: QuickLogic's Sensor Fusion Solution
Also, more and more sensors -- often in the form of micro-electromechanical systems -- have been added to things like smartphones and tablets. We are now on the cusp of a new paradigm where sensors, the systems that process data from them, and the ...
today EE Times - MEMS technology
thumbnailLaser Damage Threshold Optical Coatings
... coatings feature low reflectance with an antireflection coating performance rating of R < 0.25 percent. Applications include laser cutting, laser machining, laser drilling, laser welding and micromachining. To contact the manufacturer of this ...
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The Future is Now: Leveraging Machine-to-Machine Technology to Advance ...
For example, inertial microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) sensor technology can determine motion and location and significantly improve accuracy in aligning hip and knee implants with a patient's anatomy. M2M technologies also have the potential to ...
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Microfabricated Folded Waveguide for Broadband Traveling Wave ...
As in most other technical areas, microfabrication is becoming more and more popular in the vacuum tube community. The reason is the need for miniaturization when going to higher frequencies. Circuits created by ...
2013-10-18 - MEMS technology

MEMS business

Tech start-up of the week: See.Sense
"We're using the latest fourth-generation microelectromechanical systems, combined with advanced microcontrollers and programmable logic elements,"he explains. This, he says, gives an "enormous" amount of processing power with very little power ...
2013-10-20 - MEMS business
thumbnailDolomite to showcase novel microfluidic solutions at MicroTAS 2013
Microfluidics specialist Dolomite will be showcasing two groundbreaking devices, Telos and Mitos Dropix, on booth #6 at the 17th International Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences (MicroTAS) in Freiburg, Germany, from the 27th to the 31st October.
2013-10-18 Nanotechnology News (press release) - MEMS business
COPYTELE INC : CopyTele Enters into License Agreement with Elixir Industries
The company currently has 6 patent portfolios in the areas of Key Based Web Conferencing Encryption, E-Paper® Electrophoretic Displays, Nano Field Emission Displays, Micro Electro Mechanical Systems Displays, Loyalty Conversion Systems, and ...
today 4-traders (press release) - MEMS business
Guest Blog – MEMS New Product Development, Necessary ...
Guest Blog - MEMS New Product Development, Necessary Attributes of a MEMS Engineer for New Product Development Written by: David DiPaola, DiPaola Consulting, LLC, In the development of new ...
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thumbnailCWRU makes nanodiamonds in ambient conditions: Opens door for flexible ...
Instead of having to use tons of crushing force and volcanic heat to forge diamonds, researchers at Case Western Reserve University have developed a way to cheaply make nanodiamonds on a lab bench at atmospheric pressure and near room temperature.
yesterday Nanotechnology News (press release) - Nanotechnology
thumbnailProject aims to mass-produce nanopetals for sensor, batteries
Researchers at Purdue Univ. are developing a method to mass-produce a new type of nanomaterial for advanced sensors and batteries, with an eye toward manufacturing in the Midwest. Research findings indicate the material shows promise as a sensor for ...
today R & D Magazine - Nanotechnology
thumbnailLow-priced nanotechnology plastic photovoltaics
Low-priced nanotechnology plastic photovoltaics. (Nanowerk News) Photovoltaic devices, which tap the power of the sun and convert it to electricity, offer a green -- and potentially unlimited -- alternative to fossil fuel use. So why haven't solar ...
today Nanowerk - Nanotechnology
thumbnail2014 Volvo uses nanotechnology for cars
The brand has made new nanotechnology-inspired batteries housed, thin carbon fibre storage packets. Designed to slot the panels of the car the battery packs use nanoparticles, it includes microscopic components along with molecular manipulation to ...
yesterday SpeedLux - Nanotechnology
thumbnailResearchers Report Surfaces with Differently Shaped Nanoscale Textures as ...
When it comes to designing extremely water-repellent surfaces, shape and size matter. That's the finding of a group of scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory, who investigated the effects of differently shaped ...
yesterday - Nanotechnology

Nanotech business

thumbnailNew Fraunhofer Industrial Cleaning Lab Analyzes Dirt Particles on the Nanoscale
Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA will present a new laboratory for industrial cleaning at the parts2clean trade fair in Stuttgart, October 22-24, 2013. Thanks to “CleanLab 2020,” dirt particles on a scale ranging ...
2013-10-19 - Nanotech business

Featured Event

TSensors Summit
The TSensors Summit is an event being organized as a forum for world sensor visionaries to present their views on which sensor applications and sensor types have potential to fuel sensor market growth to trillions by 2023, and why. Their visions will form a foundation for a Trillion Sensor Roadmap, which sensor experts consider instrumental in acceleration of development and commercialization of sensors supporting global changes in the coming decade, thus accelerating Abundance.

Event Calendar

Trillion Sensors Summit
2013-10-23 - 2013-10-25
Stanford, CA
AVS 60th International Symposium & Exhibition
2013-10-27 - 2013-11-01
Long Beach, CA
MicroTAS 2013
2013-10-27 - 2013-10-31
Freiburg, Germany
The 17th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences
Flexible MEMS Solutions
Online 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM ET
Michelle Bourke, Business Group Director, Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology
MEMS in Motion Collaboration Summit
2013-11-04 - 2013-11-06
Sonoma Renaissance Resort & Spa Hotel, CA, USA
A networking-focused event exclusively for inertial devices
MIG MEMS Executive Congress U.S.
2013-11-07 - 2013-11-08
Napa, CA
Meet your next customer at MEMS Executive Congress!
Manufacturing Trends for Consumer Inertial MEMS
Online 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM ET
Laurent Robin, Activity Leader Inertial MEMS Devices & Technologies, Yole Developpement & Michael McLaughlin, Business Development - Yole Inc.
2013 3D ASIP
2013-12-11 - 2013-12-13
Burlingame, CA
3D Architectures for Semiconductor Integration and Packaging
The 27th International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems
2014-01-26 - 2014-01-30
San Francisco, CA
SPIE Photonics West 2014
2014-02-01 - 2014-02-06
San Francisco, CA
SPIE Advanced Lithography 2014
2014-02-23 - 2014-02-27
San Jose, CA
The 9th Annual IEEE International Conference on Nano/Micro Engineered and Molecular Systems
2014-04-13 - 2014-04-16
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

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