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MEMS technology

Cyborg-like microchip valve driven by earthworm muscle
For several decades, researchers have been trying to combine microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) with living material. Bio-MEMS have many applications, ranging from improved drug delivery and optical and electrochemical sensors to organs-on-chips.
Science Daily: 2019-07-09 - MEMS technology
thumbnailDo teaching and communicating about microfluidics advances need improvement?
Microfluidics and learning-on-a-chip research—involving the manipulation of small amounts of fluids to run miniaturized experiments in physics, chemistry, biology and medicine—are a prolific ... 2019-07-09 - MEMS technology
thumbnailMEMS-in-the-lens architecture for laser scanning microscopy
To demonstrate confocal imaging, the scientists used a bench-top mockup of the objective lens with an integrated 3-D MEMS mirror. Liu et al. attached the mirror onto the sample stage using a thin ... 2019-07-09 - MEMS technology
thumbnailA virtual substrate opens path to oxide films on silicon for application in 5G, MEMS, sensors and quantum computation
Proof that a new ability to grow thin films of an important class of materials called complex oxides will, for the first time, make these materials commercially feasible, according to Penn State ... 2019-07-10 - MEMS technology
thumbnailUsing Casting, Graphene, and SLM 3D Printing to Create Bioinspired Cilia Sensors
Extremely sensitive cilia structures in nature perform MEMS flow sensing activities – this is why crickets can detect extremely low airflow velocities and spider legs are very sensitive to low ...
3dprint: 2019-07-11 - MEMS technology
thumbnailHigh-safety, flexible and scalable rechargeable planar micro-batteries
Increasing development of micro-scale electronics has stimulated demand of the corresponding micro-scale power sources, especially for micro-batteries (MBs). However, complex manufacturing ... 2019-07-09 - MEMS technology

MEMS business

thumbnailVienna: 3D printing Prototypes for Cutting the Cost of Lab-on-a-Chip & Organ-on-a-Chip Systems
A variety of new microfabrication methods are available now for creating rapid prototypes and new systems, and Vienna University of Technology researchers explain new research in ...
3dprint: 2019-07-07 - MEMS business


thumbnailUsing liquid metals in nanotechnology
(Nanowerk Spotlight) No, this article is not about the liquid metal T-1000 from the Terminator movies – but if we can interest you in some more down to earth leading-edge research, keep reading nevertheless. The conventional definition of liquid metals ...
Nanowerk: 2019-07-11 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailConductive graphene materials created by bacteria
Graphene is a revolutionary nanomaterial due to its ability to easily conduct electricity, as well as its extraordinary mechanical strength and flexibility. However, a major hurdle in adopting it for everyday applications is producing graphene at a large ...
Nanowerk: 2019-07-11 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailNanoscale visualization of the distribution and optical behavior of dopant in GaN
In Gallium Nitride (GaN) implanted with a small amount of magnesium (Mg), NIMS succeeded for the first time in visualizing the distribution and optical behavior of implanted Mg at the nanoscale ... 2019-07-09 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailTiny supersonic jet injection for nanoscale additive manufacturing
Based on focused electron beam deposition, the technique allows structures to be fabricated from gas-phase precursors at rates approaching what could be expected in the liquid phase - all without raising the temperature of substrates. That could lead to ...
IDTechEx: 2019-07-09 - Nanotechnology

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