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MEMS technology

thumbnailResearchers create tiny ‘beyond 5G’ chip for 100GHz data transmission
Today, researchers at the University of California, Irvine’s Nanoscale Communication Integrated Circuits Labs announced that they’ve created a tiny radio chip that can send and receive data ...
VentureBeat: 2019-07-16 - MEMS technology
thumbnailThe Coming Disintegration
There was even talk of putting MEMS, analog, and digital circuits together as single-chip solutions. But this happened about the time we started rethinking our integration religion. What were some of the issues that fueled this new apostasy? Really big ...
Electronic Engineering Journal: 2019-07-15 - MEMS technology
Microfabrication with ultraviolet-assisted sol-gel technology
Both major parts of the project (silica waveguides and reduced temperature crystallization of ferroelectrics) have resulted in processes and technologies in line with what was foreseen in the aims of the project. A novel UV-RTP reactor was designed and ...
CORDIS news: 2019-07-15 - MEMS technology
thumbnailPossibilities of the biosimilar principle of learning are shown for a memristor-based neural network
The key elements of such a network, along with pulsed neurons, are artificial synaptic connections that can change the strength (weight) of connection between neurons during the learning (Microelectronic Engineering, "Yttria-stabilized zirconia cross-point ...
Nanowerk: 2019-07-12 - MEMS technology
thumbnailShape-encoded dynamic assembly of mobile micromachines
While new approaches have shown promise to build programmable structural assemblies, these remain to be translated into mobile micromachine assemblies. In the present work, Alapan et al. 2019-07-15 - MEMS technology
thumbnailFirst-ever visualizations of electrical gating effects on electronic structure
Scientists have visualised the electronic structure in a microelectronic device for the first time, opening up opportunities for finely-tuned high performance electronic devices. Physicists from ... 2019-07-17 - MEMS technology

MEMS business

thumbnailMicrosystems Exploration program announced by DARPA
The Microsystems Exploration program will be a series of short-term investments into research focused on technical domains relevant to MTO. Leveraging streamlined contracting and funding approaches, awards for each area of exploration – or μE topic ...
Military Embedded Systems: 2019-07-17 - MEMS business
Taiwan backend houses to see demand for MEMS sensors surge
ASE Technology Holding, King Yuan Electronics (KYEC) and Lingsen Precision Industries are among the Taiwan-based backend houses looking to benefit from robust demand for MEMS sensors for use in a wide range of biometric identification devices. MEMS sensor ...
Digi Times: 2019-07-15 - MEMS business


thumbnailGene modulation goes wireless hacking the "boss gene"
In this technology the team used laser light and nanotechnology to control and alter the genes. Author Josep M. Jornet, PhD, associate professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering in the UB School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, in a ...
News Medical: 2019-07-17 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailNanotechnology delivers hepatitis B vaccine
Brazilian and European researchers have demonstrated exactly how a nanotechnology-based compound delivers an oral vaccine against hepatitis B to the immune system. When particles containing silica ... 2019-07-12 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailBioengineered cell walls open new medical, research possibilities
While many researchers have tried various methods, Wang's approach is novel. "No one has ever built up a nanoscale material that can really mimic the structure and functions of plant cell walls ... 2019-07-17 - Nanotechnology

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