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MEMS technology

thumbnailReconfigurable open microfluidics for studying the spatiotemporal dynamics of paracrine signalling
The study of intercellular signalling networks requires organotypic microscale systems that facilitate the culture, conditioning and manipulation of cells. Here, we describe a reconfigurable microfluidic cell-culture system that facilitates the assembly of ...
Nature: 2019-08-19 - MEMS technology
thumbnailNew way to make micro-sensors may revolutionize future of electronics
The study finds a more reliable way to use actuators that control MEMS (microelectromechanical systems), which are microscopic devices with moving parts that are often produced in the same way as ... 2019-08-21 - MEMS technology
thumbnailWearable skin sensors that analyze sweat
The scientists equipped the sensors with spiraling microscopic tubes, otherwise known as microfluidics, which wick sweat from the user's skin. The sensors track how quickly the sweat travels through the microfluidics, which is a measurement of how much a ...
GlobalSpec: 2019-08-19 - MEMS technology
thumbnailMulti-foci laser microfabrication of 3D polymeric scaffolds for stem cell expansion in regenerative medicine
High quality large scale fabrication of cellular scaffolds, with three-dimensional resolution comparable to cell size, is an important task to enable regenerative medicine applications with stem cells. We are using two-photon polymerization to produce our ...
Nature: 2019-08-14 - MEMS technology
thumbnailRapid, low-cost method to 3D print microfluidic devices | IDTechEx Research Article
Microfluidics is the manipulation and study of sub-microscopic liters of fluids. Technologies that utilise microfluidics are found in many multidisciplinary fields ranging from engineering to biology. Experiments can be performed on a device roughly of the ...
IDTechEx: 2019-08-16 - MEMS technology
thumbnailMems optical phased array forms beams suitable for automotive lidar
Micromachining can be used to create a infra-red beam-forming phased array, according to engineers at University of California, Berkeley, who have made a 160 x 160 array on a 3.1 x 3.2mm die that can be switched in 5.7μs (resonance is at 55kHz).
Electronics Weekly: 2019-08-20 - MEMS technology
thumbnailA laser-driven programmable non-contact transfer printing technique
Demonstrations in programmable transfer printing of micro-scale Si platelets and micro-scale LED chips onto various challenging flat or rough receivers (e.g., paper, steel sphere, leaf ... 2019-08-19 - MEMS technology

MEMS business

Vesper Launches First Piezoelectric Digital MEMS VM3000 Microphone
BOSTON: Vesper, developer of the world's most advanced acoustic sensors, today introduced the VM3000, the latest piezoelectric MEMS microphone in its product line. The VM3000 is the first digital microphone in Vesper's portfolio and greatly expands the ...
New Kerala: 2019-08-16 - MEMS business
thumbnailULVAC PZT piezoelectric sputtering tool advances MEMS manufacturing
To do so, ULVAC uses a new low-temperature PZT thin-film process carried out at no more than 500 degrees C, as well as a proprietary process technology for applying a buffer layer, simultaneously achieving superior piezoelectric performance and high ...
Electronics Weekly: 2019-08-16 - MEMS business


thumbnailQuantitative nanoscale MRI with a wide field of view
Novel magnetic sensing modalities using quantum sensors or nanoscale probes have drastically improved the sensitivity and hence spatial resolution of nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) down to the nanoscale. Recent demonstrations of nuclear magnetic ...
Nature: 2019-08-21 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailTiny bottles create controlled release system to deliver chemo
Nanoscale silica bottles, a five-hundredth of the diameter of a hair, could be used to deliver cancer drugs to specific disease sites in the body, avoiding debilitating side effects. A study published by researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology ...
In-PharmaTechnologist: 2019-08-20 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailJ-aggregate self-assembly on carbon nanotubes for new nanoscale devices
Novel self-assembly of resonant J-aggregates on carbon nanotubes with advanced features and high potential for versatile practical applications is discovered recently. Last decade, the nanoscale ... 2019-08-19 - Nanotechnology

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