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MEMS technology

thumbnailCES 2020: Bosch to introduce new optical light drive for smartglasses
Bosch’s Light Drive module is a sole source, technology stack that consists of microelectromechanical sensors (MEMS) mirrors, optical elements, on-board processing and other sensors. The goal of the technology is to give users a clean visual experience with bright images even in direct sunlight. Smartglasses using the technology could allow ...
Engineering360 News: 2019-12-11 - MEMS technology
FLIR Cameras Reveal Thermal Characteristics of Microelectronic Devices
The performance of microelectronic devices will depend on a better understanding of the thermophysical properties of the various materials used in the microelectronics. At the University of Texas at Arlington, the team of Dr. Ankur Jain, who heads the ...
Med Device Online: 2019-12-12 - MEMS technology
thumbnailAdvanced MEMS microphones boost hearing-aid sensitivity and reliability
People are looking for smaller, more power-efficient, and higher sound-quality hearing aids, and MEMS microphones are well-positioned to meet those expectations. Over 5% of the world’s population — or 466 million people — have disabling hearing loss, and more than 900 million people — one in every 10 people — are expected to have ...
Embedded: 2019-12-02 - MEMS technology

MEMS business

thumbnailHarvey Nathanson, 'father of MEMS,' dies at 83
Nathanson’s achievements include a microscopic device used as a tuner for microelectric radios, which became the first device in the MEMS field. Karen Lightman, executive director of Metro 21 at CMU, met Nathanson about 20 years ago, around the formation of the MEMS industry. “He played a huge role in helping transition this technology from ...
The Business Journals: 2019-12-09 - MEMS business


thumbnailUnderstanding color at a nanoscale
Some of the most vibrantly colored creatures in the animal kingdom don't owe their amazing colors to pigment. Instead, they cover themselves with microscopic structures that fine tune the way they reflect light. Now, these animals are inspiring a new generation of nanotechnology. Understanding why these structures occur in nature, and how we ... 2019-12-09 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailStimulated emission detection images single nanocrystals at high speed
Courtesy: ICFO A new technique for imaging single molecules that does not rely on fluorescent emitters could find a host of applications in nanotechnology, photonics and photovoltaics. The technique, which was developed by researchers in Barcelona, works by detecting stimulated emission from single quantum dots at room temperature. Its speed ...
Physics World: 2019-12-12 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailHeat energy leaps through empty space, thanks to quantum weirdness
Though this interaction is only significant on very short length scales, it could have profound implications for the design of computer chips and other nanoscale electronic components where heat dissipation is key. It also upends what many of us learned about heat transfer in high school physics. “Heat is usually conducted in a solid through ...
Berkeley University of California: 2019-12-13 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailDemonstration of ultrafast and energy-efficient all-optical switching with graphene and plasmonic waveguides
NTT and Tokyo Tech developed an all-optical switch operating in the ultrafast regime (less than one picosecond) with low energy consumption by combining an extremely small optical nanoscale waveguide based on plasmonics4 with graphene (Fig. 2a). The main points are as follows. [1] Enhancement of absorption and nonlinear optical effect5 in ...
EurekAlert!: 2019-12-12 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailOxford scientists create nanoscale electro-optical device
Scientists from Oxford University, in collaboration with researchers at the universities of Münster and Exeter, have created and demonstrated the "first ever integrated nanoscale device which can be programmed with either photons or electrons". This ...
Hexus: 2019-12-02 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailNew electro-optical nanoscale device could lead to faster processors
Scientists from the University of Oxford have developed a tiny nanoscale device that can be programmed using either photons or electrons. This electro-optical device is a bridge between traditional electronic computing and the emerging field of optical computing, and it could lead to faster and more energy-efficient processors and memory in the ...
Digital Trends: 2019-12-01 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailHiring antibodies as nanotechnology builders
What if we could use antibodies as functional tools for nanotechnology applications? A group of researchers at the University of Rome Tor Vergata started from this simple question, and the results of their research are now published in Nature Communications. Nanotechnology enables the design and fabrication of molecular structures at nanoscale ... 2019-12-03 - Nanotechnology

Nanotech business

thumbnailThe State of Nanotechnology
Nanotechnology has long been hailed as a means of eradicating diseases and delivering other healthcare solutions. University of Oxford professor Sonia Contera, a nanotechnology pioneer ...
Harvard Business Review: 2019-12-11 - Nanotech business

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