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MEMS technology

thumbnailResearchers develop a microfluidic chip to help detect prostate cancer
Researchers of Sechenov University together with their colleagues from Australia used the microfluidics technology to develop a device able to isolate cancer cells from urine of patients with prostate cancer. The study showed high sensitivity and specificity of the new method in diagnosing prostate cancer. The results obtained were published in ...
News Medical: 2020-03-10 - MEMS technology
thumbnailNew Gyroscope Borrows the Best from MEMS and Optical Devices
There are two kinds of gyroscopes in widespread use for navigation and control: optical ones, which are extremely sensitive but also expensive, and microelectromechanical (MEMS) ones, which are inexpensive and easy to manufacture but aren’t as accurate. For years, engineers have wondered if they could “borrow” a bit of technology from ...
Machine Design: 2020-03-09 - MEMS technology
thumbnailMEMS technology for fabricating plasmonic near-infrared spectrometers
Now, Oshita Masaaki and Kan Tetsuo at the University of Electro-Communications and collaborators have developed a gold diffraction-grating-type plasmonic photodetector on a MEMS—Micro Electro Mechanical Systems—deformable cantilever. The device was fabricated using a bulk-micromachining technology using n-type silicon. A gold diffraction ... 2020-03-11 - MEMS technology

MEMS business

thumbnailScottish firms partner to accelerate commercialisation of ‘smart antennas’
Sofant Technologies, a developer of radio frequency microelectromechanical systems (RF MEMS) technology has struck a deal with memsstar, a company that manufactures MEMS equipment, in order to upscale production of their smart antennas. The Scottish firms have teamed up to increase production of the wireless communication devices. The ...
Information Age: 2020-03-09 - MEMS business
thumbnailSiTime Accelerates Customers’ Designs with 48-Hour Worldwide Availability of MEMS Oscillators
SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SiTime Corporation (NASDAQ: SITM), a market leader in MEMS timing, today announced 48-hour availability of its MEMS oscillators, enabling customers to accelerate their design time, reduce development efforts, and speed time to revenue. Previously, customers had to wait up to 20 weeks and sometimes pay non ...
Business Wire: 2020-03-04 - MEMS business


thumbnailA graphene innovation that is music to your ears
Scientists at the Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have helped to advance this research into ultrathin materials on a number of fronts, enlisting specialized tools and techniques to make them and to study their structure and properties at the nanoscale and atomic scale. Now a California-based company ... 2020-03-11 - Nanotechnology
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