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MEMS technology

thumbnailMEMS Packaging for High Volume Products
Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems, or MEMS, is an enabling technology. It merges the versatility of semiconductor technology with the functionality of mechanical structures at a scale that opens entirely new application areas. MEMS technology enables smart phones to provide orientation, or fitness trackers to detect when we’re running ...
Embedded Computing Design: 2020-03-19 - MEMS technology
thumbnailProgress in integrated optical isolators
Performance requirements are high, making the growth very sensitive to defects and cracks along the device waveguide. Wafer bonding techniques are continuously improving. If transfer and bonding become the industry standard technique of integrated photonics production, so too would the efforts of developing bonded techniques of isolator ...
Engineering360 News: 2020-03-24 - MEMS technology
The smallest microelectronic robot in the world (w/video)
The current issue of Nature Electronics ("A flexible microsystem capable of controlled motion and actuation by wireless power transfer") is reporting on the development of the smallest microelectronic robot in the world, which is driven and controlled by a twin-jet-engine (see Figure 1). The microelectronic robot is 0.8 mm long, 0.8 mm wide and ...
Nanowerk: 2020-03-19 - MEMS technology

MEMS business

thumbnailApple Invents Optical Systems for Mixed Reality HMDs & Smartglasses that Include Microprojectors
The display system may include reflective displays such as liquid-crystal-on-silicon displays, microelectromechanical systems (MEMs) displays (sometimes referred to as digital micromirror devices), or other displays. Apple's patent FIG. 4 below illustrates an optical system that is very narrow which will allow it to be integrated within systems ...
Patently Apple: 2020-03-19 - MEMS business
SiTime Boosts Performance, Reliability, and Extends Battery Life for Several Garmin Devices
SiTime Corporation (NASDAQ: SITM), a market leader in MEMS timing, today announced that Garmin International, Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ:GRMN), has chosen SiTime’s MEMS timing solutions for several of Garmin’s automotive,
Associated Press: 2020-03-24 - MEMS business


thumbnailCooling Electronics of the Future
The photons tunneled from the object to the LED, cooling the material. This demonstration of active cooling (refrigeration) via nanoscale effects established that there are novel opportunities for refrigeration at this length scale. The principles elucidated in this work are expected to advance research into nanophotonic cooling. Because this ...
EurekAlert!: 2020-03-24 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailResearch team produces new nanosheets for near infrared imaging
But the pigment can do even more. An international research team led by Dr. Sebastian Kruss from the Institute of Physical Chemistry at the University of Göttingen has produced a new nanomaterial based on the Egyptian blue pigment, which is ideally suited for applications in imaging using near infrared spectroscopy and microscopy. The results ... 2020-03-20 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailHeterostructure and Q-factor engineering for low-threshold and persistent nanowire lasing
Over the past decade, the idea of photonic computing - where electrons are replaced with light in microelectronic circuits - has emerged as a future technology. This promises low-cost, ultra-high-speed and potentially quantum-enhanced computing, with specific applications in high-efficiency machine learning and neuromorphic computing.
EurekAlert!: 2020-03-20 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailA nanoscale laser made of gold and zinc oxide
The emitted colour depends on the properties of the material. "Creating such so-called nonlinear optical materials with nanoscale dimensions is one of the grand challenges in current optics research," Lienau reports. In future optical computers, which might use light instead of electrons for calculations, such nanoparticles could serve as tiny ... 2020-03-19 - Nanotechnology
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