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MEMS technology

thumbnailOptical Gyro + MEMS Fab: A Match Made in INS Heaven?
For the optical-cavity resonator that controls the optical pumping modes, the team used precise microfabrication to create the microresonator as a 36-mm silica wedge with free-spectral resonance of 1.808 GHz and extreme Q factor above 100 million. The resonator is packaged in a small metal box with optical-fiber connections and thermal ...
Electronic Design: 2020-04-16 - MEMS technology
Movement in the micro world
Polysilicon micromachining is a thin film process. Each material layer is four microns or less in thickness. Typically, layers of material are added to a substrate structure one at a time.
Machine Design: 2020-04-14 - MEMS technology
thumbnailStanford researchers developing rapid field test for COVID-19
Mechanical engineer Juan Santiago is an expert in microfluidics – compact chemistry labs that are increasingly being used to test various liquids for toxins, pollution, parasites, microbes and more. Santiago is working to adapt one of his microfluidic tests for tuberculosis to detect the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19.
Stanford News: 2020-04-23 - MEMS technology
thumbnailRapid Characterization of Biomolecules’ Thermal Stability in a Segmented Flow-Through Optofluidic Microsystem
Optofluidic devices combining optics and microfluidics have recently attracted attention for biomolecular analysis due to their high detection sensitivity. Here, we show a silicon
Nature: 2020-04-24 - MEMS technology
thumbnailKey Glass manufacturers & developers are pushing to create the ultimate Foldable Glass for mobile devices including Apple
LPKF has secured a technology that can materialize characteristics of folding by applying a special pattern through the microfabrication process on a part where the glass is folded to create a fine pattern. The fine pattern is then filled with polymers that have their reflectivity matched so that the patterns are not seen. The report briefly ...
Patently Apple: 2020-04-22 - MEMS technology
thumbnailElectro-actuated valves and self-vented channels enable programmable flow control and monitoring in capillary-driven microfluidics
Present address: Institute of Neuroinformatics, University of Zurich and ETH Zurich, 8057 Zurich, Switzerland. See allHide authors and affiliations Microfluidics are essential for many lab-on-a-chip applications, but it is still challenging to implement a portable and programmable device that can perform an assay protocol autonomously when used ...
Science | AAAS: 2020-04-17 - MEMS technology
thumbnailMicrofluidic Systems for Sweat Analysis and Neonatal Care
You see the same type of thing in optoelectronic devices, lab-on-a-chip type technologies and microelectromechanical systems. The goal behind our research, and that of a growing community of researchers, is to create new ideas in material science and manufacturing, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering that will allow us to ...
News Medical: 2020-04-24 - MEMS technology
thumbnailManufacture and characterization of graphene membranes with suspended silicon proof masses for MEMS and NEMS applications
Graphene’s unparalleled strength, chemical stability, ultimate surface-to-volume ratio and excellent electronic properties make it an ideal candidate as a material for membranes in micro- and nanoelectromechanical systems (MEMS and NEMS).
Nature: 2020-04-19 - MEMS technology

MEMS business

thumbnailWhat is the current state of microscale 3D printing?
Microfabrication is the process of fabricating miniature structures of micrometer scales and smaller. Historically, microfabrication was first used in the electronics industry to miniaturize the size of devices. In fact, over the years, you might have noticed your electronic devices have been getting smaller and sleeker. Component sizes that ... 2020-04-16 - MEMS business
thumbnailSPIE to launch new Journal of Optical Microsystems in January, and JM3 to be renamed
BELLINGHAM, Washington, USA - SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics, has announced the launch of a new Gold Open Access journal, the Journal of Optical Microsystems (JOM), which will publish cutting-edge research of optical and photonic microsystems. Hans Zappe, co-editor-in-chief of SPIE's Journal of Micro/Nanolithography ...
EurekAlert!: 2020-04-23 - MEMS business


thumbnailScientists devise method for gentle laser processing of perovskites at nanoscale
Scientists of Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) in partnership with colleagues from ITMO University, and universities in Germany, Japan, and Australia, have developed a method for precise, fast and high-quality laser processing of halide perovskites (CH 3 NH 3 PbI 3), promising light-emitting materials for solar energy, optical electronics ... 2020-04-22 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailHow Nanotechnology is Improving Fire Safety Measures
To resolve these concerns, several researchers have used nanotechnology to create innovative fire protection solutions. Since textiles are one of the most common ignition sources in fire accidents, many flame-retardant textiles have been incorporated into protective clothing, carpets, furniture, curtains, flooring, sleepwear, mattresses and ...
AZoNano: 2020-04-22 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailMulti-functionalization of graphene for molecular targeted cancer therapy
This multi-functional graphene allows effective cancer cell elimination. For fighting off cancerous diseases, this "triple" chemical modified nanomaterial might save the patient. Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide. Under this situation, a successful tumor selective drug targeting and minimizing toxicity of cancer drug are urgently ... 2020-04-23 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailNew 'brick' for nanotechnology: Graphene nanomesh
Researchers at Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) have successfully fabricated suspended graphene nanomesh in a large area by helium ion beam microscopy. Six nm diameter nanopores were uniformly patterned on the 1.2 um long and 500 nm wide suspended graphene. By systematically controlling the pitch (nanopore's center to ... 2020-04-20 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailPushing the limits of 2-D supramolecules
Scientists at the University of South Florida have reached a new milestone in the development of two-dimensional supramolecules—the building blocks that make areas of nanotechnology and nanomaterial advancement possible. Since the 2004 discovery of graphene, the world's thinnest (one-atom-thick) and strongest (200 times stronger than steel ... 2020-04-16 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailCool down fast to advance quantum nanotechnology
Rapidly cooling magnon particles proves a surprisingly effective way to create an elusive quantum state of matter, called a Bose-Einstein condensate. The discovery can help advance quantum physics research and is a step towards the long-term goal of quantum computing at room temperature. The team, led by physicists at the Technische ... 2020-04-21 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailNanoscale carbon lattice proven to be stronger than diamonds
A team at University of California, Irvine (UCI) has now created a nanoscale carbon lattice that boasts a much greater strength-to-density ratio than diamonds. The new design developed by the UCI research team is what’s known as a nanolattice. These porous structures consist of struts and braces made from carbon (just like diamonds themselves ...
New Atlas: 2020-04-14 - Nanotechnology
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