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MEMS technology

thumbnailTouchpad technology offers precise droplet control for microfluidics
A touchpad that allows users to move and manipulate individual droplets in a microfluidic device has been developed by researchers in China. The technology works much like a phone touchscreen and adds a heightened level of control and interactivity to the emerging field of digital microfluidics.
Chemistry World: 2020-09-09 - MEMS technology

MEMS business

Micromachining center achieves precision, repeatability required to produce medtech molds
A new micromachining center from Japanese machine builder Yasda is designed for the manufacture of molds and components with challenging micro-sized geometries that are typical in the medical and semiconductor sectors, for example. The new Yasda YMC 430 Ver.
Plastics Today: 2020-09-09 - MEMS business


thumbnailA new way of controlling conductivity of materials at the nanoscale
Researchers have found a completely new method to check the electronic properties of oxide materials. This opens the door to even tinier components and perhaps more sustainable electronics.
Nanowerk: 2020-09-16 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailFlexible Glass Has Benefits for Nanoscale Medical-Testing Devices
Glass isn’t typically thought of as a material that’s particularly flexible, but researchers at Brigham Young University are changing that with a new type of glass that can be used to bring rapid medical-testing devices to the nanoscale. A team led by ...
Design News: 2020-09-09 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailFirst fiber-optic nanotip electron gun enables easier nanoscale research
Scientists at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Nebraska have developed an easier way to generate electrons for nanoscale imaging and sensing, providing a useful new tool for material science, 2020-09-14 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailNanoscale Warming Is Faster Than Cooling
Contrary to conventional wisdom, a sufficiently small, cold object warms to the temperature of its surroundings faster than a warm object cools, according to a new theory.
American Physical Society: 2020-09-11 - Nanotechnology

Nanotech business

thumbnailNational Science Foundation awards University of Dayton research team $63K to apply machine learning to 3-D printing on nanoscale
The National Science Foundation awarded a $63,215 supplemental grant to University of Dayton physics, computer science and electro-optics researchers to apply data science technology to an advanced manufacturing process for building three-dimensional structures at nanoscale,
University of Dayton: 2020-09-15 - Nanotech business

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