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MEMS technology

thumbnailWatch how tea and magnets combine to combat biofilms
Porous microparticles derived from Camellia sinensis tea buds were coated with magnetite nanoparticles to enable manipulation by magnet. The antibiotic ciprofloxacin was also embedded within the porous structures to Biocompatible micromotors derived from tea buds can be magnetically driven on a biofilm matrix and remove biofilms.
Engineering360 News: 2020-09-30 - MEMS technology
thumbnailPhotopyroelectric microfluidics developed by researchers
Precisely manipulating various liquids is essential in many fields and unlike solid objects, fluids are intrinsically divisible. Fluids are also sticky with appropriate functions for lossless manipulation to prevent loss and contamination. 2020-09-24 - MEMS technology
thumbnailResearchers create artificial lung to support pre-term babies in distress
An international team led by current and former McMaster University researchers has developed an artificial lung to support pre-term and other newborn babies in respiratory distress.
Medical Xpress: 2020-09-29 - MEMS technology


thumbnailTiny Projection Of Vermeer Painting Demonstrates New Nanoscale Technology
Researchers have fine-tuned an existing nanotechnology so that it can not only filter light in different colors, but also with different intensities. To show their new method in action, they used it to project a replica of Girl With a Pearl Earring.
Forbes: 2020-09-30 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailCutting-edge nanotechnology to boost wound healing
There are often complications in wound healing due to infections, inflammations, lack of blood supply, advanced age or patient’s previous illnesses. Our technology can make treatment safer, more efficient,
ETH Zurich: 2020-09-27 - Nanotechnology

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