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MEMS technology

Expanding MEMS Pressure Sensor Applications with Parylene
Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) pressure sensor descriptions often include a statement such as “intended for use with non-corrosive, non-ionic working fluids such as air or dry gases.” Following this guideline, users can expect a long working ...
Design World Online: 2020-11-01 - MEMS technology
thumbnailMicrofluidics helps MTU engineers watch viral infection in real time
Watching a viral infection happen in real time is like a cross between a zombie horror film, paint drying, and a Bollywood epic on repeat. Over a 10-hour span, chemical engineers from Michigan Tech watched viral infections happen with precision inside a microfluidics device and can measure when the infection cycle gets interrupted by an antiviral compound.
EurekAlert!: 2020-11-02 - MEMS technology


thumbnailNanomotors controlled with laser light
Researchers from the Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo (UTokyo-IIS) have designed novel linear nanomotors that can be moved in controlled directions using light. This work opens the way for new microfluidics, 2020-11-04 - Nanotechnology
thumbnail100,000-fold enhancement in the nonlinearity of Si
Scientists at Osaka University show how to achieve a very strong nonlinear optical response in silicon nanostructures based on the photothermal effect. This work may lead to entirely optical control of logic gates in computers.
EurekAlert!: 2020-11-03 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailUsing quantum properties of light to transmit information
Researchers at the University of Rochester and Cornell University have taken an important step toward developing a communications network that exchanges information across long distances by using photons, 2020-11-04 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailScientists find path to nanodiamond from graphene
Marrying two layers of graphene is an easy route to the blissful formation of nanoscale diamond, but sometimes thicker is better. While it may only take a bit of heat to turn a treated bilayer of
CHEMIE.DE Information Service GmbH: 2020-11-02 - Nanotechnology

Nanotech business

thumbnailNanotechnology in the Pandemic and What the Future Holds for Regulation
While nanotechnology changes the way we live and work, legal and regulatory frameworks need to zoom in, double-click, and catch up.
Law: 2020-11-02 - Nanotech business

Featured Periodical

Springer Nature Publishing Releases New Book on MEMS Manufacturing Authored by Dr. Michael Huff, Founder and Director of the MEMS and Nanotechnology Exchange (MNX) at Corporation for National Research Initiatives.

The volume is entitled: Process Variations in Microsystems Manufacturing and covers how to estimate and manage the dimensional and material property variations resulting from the use of micro- and nano-fabrication techniques when designing and developing a microsystems device for production. This book is a valuable resource for practitioners, researchers and engineers working in the field as well as students at either the undergraduate or graduate level.

This book thoroughly examines and explains the basic processing steps used in MEMS fabrication (both integrated circuit and specialized micro machining processing steps. The book places an emphasis on the process variations in the device dimensions resulting from these commonly used processing steps. This will be followed by coverage of commonly used metrology methods, process integration and variations in material properties, device parameter variations, quality assurance and control methods, and design methods for handling process variations. A detailed analysis of future methods for improved microsystems manufacturing is also included. This book is a valuable resource for practitioners, researchers and engineers working in the field as well as students at either the undergraduate or graduate level.

Examines and explains the basic processing steps used in MEMS fabrication; Illustrates best practices and lessons learned in manufacturing of microsystems for commercial products with detailed case studies; Reviews future methods that may provide for improved process variations.

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