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MEMS technology

Wider horizons for highly ordered nanohole arrays
Tokyo, Japan - Scientists from Tokyo Metropolitan University have developed a new method for making ordered arrays of nanoholes in metallic oxide thin films using a range of transition metals. The team used a template to pre-pattern metallic surfaces with an ordered array of dimples before applying electrochemistry to selectively grow an oxide layer with holes.
EurekAlert!: 2021-03-13 - MEMS technology
Micro Mirrors Expand Field of View in Intel’s New MEMs LiDAR Camera
LiDAR is cropping up in manifold variants, and for scanning LiDAR, MEMs micro-mirrors are a key factor in determining the field of vision. LiDAR is certainly a buzzword nowadays in autonomous vehicle and robotic marketing—and for good reason. This ...
All About Circuits: 2021-03-11 - MEMS technology
thumbnailReconfigurable photonics with on-chip single-photon detectors
Integrated photonics are promising to scale up quantum optics. Here the authors combine low-power microelectromechanical control and superconducting single-photon detectors on the same chip and demonstrate routing,
Nature: 2021-03-03 - MEMS technology

MEMS business

DoD “RAMPs” Microelectronic Growth With Rapid Assured Microelectronics Prototypes Program
The DoD is partnering with companies like IBM, Microsoft, Intel, and most recently Synopsys to speed microelectronic innovation within the government. Recently, Synopsys, an EDA company focusing on silicon design and IP, announced it was selected for the U ...
All About Circuits: 2021-03-09 - MEMS business
Beauty at the micro-scale: MIT’s 2021 images award winners
Much of the world’s focus has been on health care at a global scale this year. The following images celebrate the work of researchers who have been toiling away on tinier work. The pictures are ...
STAT: 2021-03-03 - MEMS business
A sound alternative? MEMS speakers could revolutionize the audio industry.
MEMS speakers could threaten incumbent audio technologies by 2025 as consumers desire smaller and less power-hungry devices. MEMS speakers could threaten incumbent audio technologies by 2025 as ...
WBOC: 2021-03-11 - MEMS business


thumbnailA New Nanotechnology-Based COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate
Researchers from Cleveland Clinic’s Global Center for Human Health & Pathogen Research have developed a promising new COVID-19 vaccine candidate that utilizes nanotechnology and has shown strong efficacy in preclinical disease models. 2021-03-03 - Nanotechnology
Freezing at the nanoscale: A closer look
(Nanowerk News) At the nanoscale, water freezes in various ways, and not all of them are completely understood. Among other benefits, getting a better handle on these processes could mean big improvements in weather prediction. To that end, the lab of Amir ...
Nanowerk: 2021-03-02 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailLearning the best nanoscale heat engines through evolving network topology
While the thermodynamic power and efficiency of nanoscale heat engines in noninteracting regimes has been well-explored, revealing effect of many-body interactions remains a challenge. Here, the authors develop a reinforcement learning framework to achieve optimal power and efficiency in nanoengines where two-body interactions among elementary components are nonnegligible.
Nature: 2021-03-08 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailCombined technique using diamond probes enables nanoscale imaging of magnetic vortex structures
Obtaining a precise understanding of magnetic structures is one of the main objectives of solid-state physics. Significant research is currently being undertaken in this field, the aim being to develop future data processing applications that use tiny magnetic structures as information carriers. 2021-03-09 - Nanotechnology

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