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MEMS technology

Microfluidics Woven into Fibers Have Potential for New Devices
Researchers at MIT have incorporated microfluidics into individual fibers, making it possible to process higher volumes of fluid in more complex ways. In doing so, they have enabled diverse new applications—especially for the medical-testing field.
Design News: 2021-03-21 - MEMS technology
thumbnailContact lenses poised to detect cancer, treat disease and replace digital screens
A new peer review paper offers one of the most comprehensive reviews of advancements to come in contact lenses, catapulting the commonly-used medical device to applications well beyond refractive error correction,
EurekAlert!: 2021-03-29 - MEMS technology

MEMS business

thumbnailSilicon Wafer Supplier Okmetic Expands Its RFSi™ Portfolio with Tailored Silicon Substrate for Thin Film Surface Acoustic Wave Hybrid Structures
the leading supplier of advanced silicon wafers for the manufacture of microelectromechanical systems and sensors, today announced the release of UF-RFSi ®, a tailored silicon substrate dedicated ...
Yahoo Finance: 2021-03-30 - MEMS business
Spectra Physics unveils UV fiber laser for microelectronic device manufacturing
This hybrid fiber laser utilizes patented harmonics technology and is used for microelectronic device manufacturing. Spectra-Physics, a Newport Corp. brand 2021-03-21 - MEMS business
thumbnailSTMicroelectronics collaborates on MEMS mirrors for AR and sensing
STMicroelectronics has signed a deal with German MEMS mirror start-up OQmented to develop technology for augmented reality and 3D laser scanning. ST alread
Electronics Weekly: 2021-03-29 - MEMS business
thumbnailLucence to commercialize laser microfluidics for cancer biopsy
Palo Alto startup is working with Waseda University group on a new way to identify circulating tumor cells at an early stage. Lucence, a developer of medical diagnostic equipment in Silicon Valley, says it plans to commercialize a new laser imager for ...
Optics: 2021-03-30 - MEMS business


thumbnailResearchers explore nanotechnology’s potential to deliver synergistic therapeutics for COVID-19
The emerging field of nanotechnology has made a significant impact on the target delivery of nutraceuticals and therapeutics.” For effective delivery of these compounds to the target sites, nanoencapsulation is a novel tool. It has been established that ...
News Medical: 2021-03-19 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailNanotechnology approaches for global infectious diseases
This Review outlines the potential applications of nanotechnology-based treatments for infectious diseases, with a specific focus on the progress and challenges in developing nanomedicines against HIV,
Nature: 2021-03-22 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailGearing Up Nanoscale Machines: Molecular-Scale Gear Trains for Transmitting Rotational Force
By using this development to carry out single-molecule mechanics studies, Rapenne is optimistic that the broad research community will have a powerful new design for integrated nanoscale machines. “We’re not there yet, but are working collaboratively ...
SciTech Daily: 2021-03-30 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailHow Nanotechnology can Enable Testing for Early Alzheimer’s Disease
A new nanotech breakthrough could help spot Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders early and assist in their treatment.
AZoNano: 2021-03-17 - Nanotechnology
thumbnailKirigami-style nanostructure fabrication may open new world of micro and nanostructures
Using a technique that mimics the ancient Japanese art of kirigami, a team of researchers may offer an easier way to fabricate complex 3D nanostructures for use in electronics, manufacturing and health care.
Nanowerk: 2021-03-29 - Nanotechnology

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